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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Poetry Friday!

Today, I finished a seven-day long writing class through The National Writing Project.  It was exhausting, but fruitful.  One of my goals was to work on poetry and I thought I’d share one here: The bucket The hose wraps around the car      like a snake fleeing sounds of summer.   Daddy holds the end of it, filling the bucket, rinsing soap      off every inch of metal… Read More

Author Visit with Mary Atkinson

  A few months ago, I was lucky enough to meet Mary Atkinson at a local conference.  She asked if I’d read her newly published book, Owl Girl and never one to turn down a free book, I accepted.  The book sat on my stack for awhile, but once I started, I finished it in a weekend.  When I finished the book, my first thought was, ‘this would be a.. Read More


This week, I had the (ultimate pleasure) of helping out in one of my school’s preschool programs.  Ah, preschool, the one grade that has alluded me – these kids are quite possibly the cutest human beings on the planet.  Besides being super tiny – a few of them sound like they are carrying around a hidden helium balloon, taking secret sucks of the voice altering gas when no one is looking….. Read More

Nest. #sol16

Today, as I was playing fetch with my dog in the yard, I noticed a small nest on the almost green grass.  There are a few large trees with branches that overstretch the yard, almost as if they’re reaching for something, and I have seen the birds year after year, selecting those branches for their homes. The good news is, the nest was empty.  No baby birds, no eggs, clearly.. Read More

Growth. #sol16

  Yesterday, I had the honor of presenting at SDE’s New England Conference for Pre-K-Third Grade conference. I’ve attended in the past and one of SDE’s employees stumbled onto my blog a few years ago and we’ve been trying to make it happen ever since.  Now in my current role as a Literacy Coach, I’m afforded the opportunity to give staff development throughout the year.  The difference is, I usually.. Read More

Grease. #sol16

Is there anything better than when a student stops you in the hallway with a question? “Mr. Halpern, can I ask you a question?” A first-grade boy summoned. “Of course, you can Simon,” I said as I stopped in my tracks. “Do you know the movie Grease?” “Yes, I know the movie.” “I love that movie, do you?” “Yes, it’s a good one.” And then, I kid you not, this.. Read More

{sol16} Finish. #sol16

Thirty-one days of writing.  I’m not sure why it felt so daunting.  I do lots of things every day… brush my teeth, walk my dog, take a shower, eat, sleep, I always read every day, so why not writing?  Thanks to the Slice of Life challenge, I did it, I wrote for thirty-one days.  To be clear, if email, Facebook, and Twitter counted, I already did that, but not the.. Read More

{sol16} Sick. #sol16

Flu. Boo.  But I’m not going to give up on the challenge with two days left.  That’s all I’ve got today, but I wrote something.  

{sol16} Chopper. #sol16

Chopper Sometimes it comes later than you want Maybe when you were five, or six, or seven It would have made sense Whirling, spinning overhead Deafening voices and throwing anything in its path Off balance