Well, it really doesn’t get much better than the 100th day in kindergarten. It’s kind of like Christmas, Valentine’s Day (coming Thursday!), and the Fourth of July wrapped into one.  Well, it is in my class anyway.   I used an entire bottle of glitter to make this for the doorway:


We sang our hearts out.  We sang the 100th Day song by Jack Hartman and while we didn’t sing it one hundred times, we did come close.  Well, we sang it nine times.  Maybe it just felt like one hundred times.

I couldn’t find my ‘I survived the first 100 days of school shirt’ – I think I may have inadvertently donated it to Good Will.  Never to be one unprepared for an occasion, I decided to go more formal.


We made a one hundredth day snack with cookies.  It was fun to watch the kids try to make one hundred with a Vienna Finger and two Chips A’hoy cookies (and easier for some than others – who knew snack could be a formative assessment?).


We made necklaces and I gave out stickers.  It was also Joey’s birthday!  He had a special second birthday crown and birthday sticker.  Well wouldn’t you know it, as I was walking around doling out cookies, almost every child snuck over and gave him their 100th day sticker.  He was beaming.  I mean, his smile could probably could have been seen from space.


That smile and shirt were the icing on my 100th day cake.  Today was a good shot in the arm of what is so amazing and wonderful about my job.  I get to celebrate the small moments that make up the big feelings of childhood.  It was a very good day.