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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Today was the first real chilly day of the year. As we headed out for recess this afternoon, I actually had my winter hat on. The kids have all been practicing zipping their coats and I still get a thrill when I demonstrate for a sprout how to zip and they do it for the first time successfully. It’s awesome. This afternoon, as I was standing outside watching the kids.. Read More


This afternoon, one of my sprout’s fathers picked her up. As luck would have it, I hadn’t met him before. Bus time is busy and we didn’t have time for a lengthy conversation. “Are you her teacher?” he asked me. “Yes, I am,” I replied. “Ah, thank you for your hard work. Good night sir,” he said as he walked off holding his daughter’s hand. Sir? Excuse me? At what.. Read More


This week we’ve been studying community helpers. We’ve had a few visitors and read many books, but today, the local firefighters came to talk to us about fire safety. Whoa. Firefighters are way, way cool and this was a huge deal. First, let me say, three out of the four firefighters were women. I loved that. We’ve been talking a lot about the gender stereotypes in many professions and really.. Read More


The first few days of school, we had an unwelcome class pet in our room. A small innocent fly was buzzing around the class distracting the new sprouts as well as the teachers. It would land on children causing a frenzy of smacks and whacks in attempt to destroy it. It would land on my head and I would try (unsuccessfully) to ignore it crawling on my hair. In a.. Read More


Oh the conversations we have at bus time. Usually it’s a pleasant opportunity for Mrs. D. and I to learn more about our students, but today, they learned a little more about us. “How about I call you Mrs. A. and you Mr. D.?” Suggested Penny. She thought this switch in the gender of our titles was quite clever. “Well, Mr. D. is my husband,” Mrs. D. replied. “Mrs. A… Read More


Apparently, being a male kindergarten teacher is a bit of an anomaly. I know, I know… men don’t usually work with the little ones. In my school, I’m the only man in kindergarten. There are no males in first or second grade either. You have to reach the realms of third grade before getting a teacher with a little testosterone. One of the unique aspects of working with young children.. Read More


“I can’t wait to tell your mom how smart you are at your conference Andy,” I said after Andy read his writing to me. I meant it too. Andy is what I like to call an ‘exposure sprout’ – meaning when he started kindergarten, he feel into the basket of students who knew very little. No letters, no numbers, no name recognition, and no handwriting skills… you get the idea… Read More

Please stand by…

With all the changes to the blog lately, I’ve been in a little bit of a funk with the ‘feed’ – I’m not exactly sure what the feed is, how it works, or how to change it, but after finally figuring out how to point it to the new blog address, I think I may have dropped all the subscribers (sorry!). The NEW feed is UP and working, so please.. Read More


A few days ago, at bus time, I had walked over to my computer to put my keys down from recess and saw an email that annoyed me. Without going into details, I wasn’t happy. As I walked over to the last group of kids lined up to head home, I let Mrs. D. know how angry I was. To be clear, I didn’t use any profanity. I didn’t use.. Read More