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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Yesterday, during a lesson, Lenny raised his hand. He didn’t shout out and so, even though I wasn’t looking for an answer, I called on him. “Lenny, do you have a question?” I asked. “Yesterday, I went to the doctor and got TWO shots,” he began. Clearly he didn’t have a question, but he was also speaking quickly, on a roll, and had a sweet smirk, like the punch line.. Read More


Teachers have rough moments. Occasionally an entire day is rough. A whole week? Unheard of. I’ve been out of sorts lately, and I have four people at school to thank for the therapy. Without going into details or giving away their identities (there’s always one person looking to steal your joy), let’s just call them Ms. A., Ms. B., Ms. C., and Mrs. D. Between cute emails with photos of.. Read More


Yesterday was the tenth day of school for my sprouts.  We’ve been tracking the days in school religiously.  We write the number and create a number line and we count straws.  Unbeknownst to them, when you have ten straws in the ones pocket, you can’t keep them there.  They’ve got to go.  To make this a little more memorable, fun, and really, to allow me a chance to ham it.. Read More


I’ve had a rough few days. Without going into the details, things at work have been stressful. My students, ever the caring loving souls they are, just seemed to know when I needed a hug or smile. Today, as I walked the last bus group out to line up, one little girl said, “Mr. A., it’s a long weekend – you must need extra hugs to get you through until.. Read More


Yesterday I wrote about our adjective lesson with pumpkins. One of the sprouts I visited to help with his descriptive word was Billy. As I squatted down next to Billy’s seat, I glanced at his pumpkin… it was a big ol’ mess of a scribbles, so I wasn’t quite sure how he was going to describe his pumpkin. “Billy, what adjective do you want to write for your pumpkin?” I.. Read More


Today we introduced adjectives and as a way to practice the skill, we colored plain white paper pumpkins and then wrote a describing word for each pumpkin. As I walked around, helping each sprout sound out their describing word, I was amazed at the letter sounds I was hearing after only twenty-one days of school. Last spring, my principal sent out an email stating he had a new book called.. Read More


Every time I turn on the television news lately I’m alerted to the sad state of American public education. Apparently, teachers, administrators, and everyone down to the cafeteria staff are in the middle of the crisis of our lifetime. Supposedly we’re all waiting for Superman to come save our education system. There’s only one problem. He’s already here. Not just superman, but Spiderman, Batman, and certainly, Wonder Woman are in.. Read More