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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


During snack time, I usually walk around the room helping open lids, rip stubborn packaging, and chatting with my sprouts about this and that. Yesterday, as I walked past Nicole’s table, I noticed her snack seemed unusual. She was eating something out of a baggie, it was small and red that almost looked like cherries, but not quite. “Wow, Nicole, that looks healthy, are those cherries?” I asked her. “No,.. Read More


There’s nothing I love more than giving a complement to a sprout and seeing the pure proud feeling on their face. In our kindergarten class, we’ve been working on manners… it’s not uncommon to hear ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘your welcome’ in the room. Hand a child a paper, and most likely, they’ll thank you. Yes, it’s rather pleasant. The other day, we were announcing the child we’d selected as.. Read More


Today as we walked outside for recess, David stopped me and asked if I would tie his shoe. As I knelt down to help him, he took the opportunity to bend my ear a little. “You know what I want to be when I’m a normal man?” He asked. “Do you mean when you’re a grown man?” I questioned. “Oh yeah, when I’m a grown man…” He confirmed. “What?” I.. Read More


At bus time today, after about fifty or sixty hugs, the following conversation took place between Luther and myself. Me: I love being a teacher.Luther: Yeah, cause everybody just loves you.Me: Yeah, pretty much.


Today something big happened… I mean really huge. We completed our first sight-word list. Forty words. That’s a lot of words for mid-November in kindergarten. Last year, my class only learned forty words by the end of the school year… this year, thanks to The Three Habits of Highly Successful Reading Teachers (I swear – I don’t get a cut of the sales…), our sprouts have learned that many already.. Read More


Today, as part of our Thanksgiving study, we did a sight-word book on Native Americans. The words we were focusing on were ‘we’ and ‘have’, but one of the pages said, ‘We have papooses’ with a little picture of a cute Native American baby. Nobody knew what a papoose was so we discussed it and all practiced saying it. As we moved to small groups to work on the book,.. Read More

Run, Turkey, Run!

OK, I almost never review children’s books, but I found one that many may not have heard of, and the amount of sheer joy (something we can all use an extra dose of) it is bringing to my classroom needs to be shared. Run, Turkey, Run! by Diane Mayr with illustrations by Laura Rader has got to me my all time favorite (non-historical, that goes to Tapenum’s Day) Thanksgiving read.. Read More

Mrs. Hashbrown

So far this year, between Mrs. D. and myself, we’ve only been out a total of three days (for various reasons). As luck would have it, we were able to secure the same substitute all three times. She is, I’ll call her Mrs. Hashbrown, well known in our school for her subbing prowess. I was lucky enough to work with her one of those days and she is, quite simply,.. Read More


Each morning, our morning message is a predictable text that children help build (the words are on cards) and then read to the class. They love being a part of the message and when a child hears their name read, their little face just lights up. Today at bus time, Ricky told me how he thought the message should read. (I’ve provided the correct words in parenthesis for you.) Good.. Read More


Yesterday afternoon and evening, we had the first half of our parent conferences. Whoever thought teaching all day long and then staying into the evening to meet with parents was a good idea has never spent much time with a group of kindergartners… just sayin’. As the early evening approached, a parent arrived for her conference. As she walked in, she had one of those little cardboard coffee carriers you.. Read More