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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Over our winter holiday vacation, something happened. I stopped drinking coffee. It wasn’t really conscious, I just was sleeping in, napping, relaxing, and coffee wasn’t a necessary vice. Without the caffeine, I was sleeping better too. When school started back, I thought, ‘Hmmm, maybe I don’t need coffee. Maybe I’ll try decaf instead.’ I was an idiot. I’ve been dealing with horrible afternoon headaches that are getting progressively worse. I.. Read More

Dr. Spock.

Today, for some reason, as I perused the produce section of the grocery store, I craved an orange. I’m not a big orange fan, so I just picked up a single loose one. I put it in the seat portion of my cart with my gloves and other produce and then finished my shopping. When I got to the checkout line, in the whirlwind to unpack my cart, I had.. Read More


Happiness is cheap. If you teach kindergarten, it’s offered by the bucket for free. Yesterday, during Quiet Time, as most friends sat with their heads down resting in the dark to the soothing piano music of Yanni, I looked over at Darlene and got one of the many laughs of my day. There she was, sitting up, staring into space, with both hands moving around her. She was doing a.. Read More


This afternoon I sat with a group of six sprouts at the kitchen center and pretended to be their ‘customer’ as they waited on me. Two children rushed over with pads and pencils to write down my order. “I’ll have spaghetti, some vegetables, and a glass of water,” I ordered. I sat for a few minutes as the boys stretched the words out the best they could and jotted my.. Read More


Today was our first two-hour delay. Hearing the news, I took a deep breath and relaxed. I didn’t have to rush. I actually laid down and fell back asleep! Waking up at a normal hour (after seven) instead of an insane one (about five) I felt refreshed. I spent some quality time with my dog and even watched a little morning news. Apparently, there is a lot going on in.. Read More


During centers this afternoon, I sat down at the pattern block table to chat with the boys working. There were only boys at the table today for some reason… you’d think this would happen quite often, but in our class, it’s actually rare. In any event, David looked like he was in the middle of a heated discussion with Barry and Dan. “They say they’re the boss of me,” David.. Read More


This afternoon, as I was reading a big book about a small door mouse looking for a safe place to rest, called A Bed for the Winter, I got a little surprise. Now revelations in kindergarten are quite common, but they never get old. It’s part of what I love most about my job… little surprises. During the story, the little mouse keeps bumping into other animals in their nests.. Read More


This afternoon as we were getting ready to go home, I noticed Betsy had a new backpack. Trying to sound hip, I commented on the cartoon princess smiling from her bag. “Oh, I saw that movie, it was really good… what was the princess’ name?” I asked. “Princess Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog, it’s my favorite movie!” She exclaimed. Hearing the conversation, Richard and Nicole came over joined.. Read More


When I first heard the acronym ‘PLC’ a few years ago, I hadn’t a clue what it meant. Yes, I’m the first to raise my hand and say I don’t know what something means. Playing dumb comes easy to some of us. In any event, when I started this online journey almost two years ago, my only intent was to reflect and document my experiences in the classroom. An amazing.. Read More


Almost all kindergarten teachers wish there was more time for play. With the pressures of rigorous standards, testing, and benchmarks constantly increasing from The Powers That Be, finding time for our students to be, well kids, can be difficult at best. Teachers know that play is an integral part of early childhood development. All you have to do is walk around a classroom during play centers to see the language.. Read More