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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Lunch buddy.

After the email from Bill yesterday asking how/when do you engage in meaningful conversations and foster a stronger classroom community? (seriously, please help Bill out and read below and post your replies…) I was reminded of this post from last year. I woke this morning to a surprise snow day so one more day of reposting from my first year. We should be back tomorrow and I will begin writing.. Read More


Today I received the following email from a fellow kindergarten teacher: This past week, I’ve become more and more frustrated with myself and the students over the dreaded, “talking.” My lessons are teacher guided but always student driven. Therefore, I take great pride in knowing each of my students interest and I tailor our lessons around them. The students share prior knowledge on out topics so that we have a.. Read More


New songs creep into the soundtrack of the movie of my life… yes, someday it will be made. I still think this Alicia Keys song is one of the best ever… and Marvin Gaye is still on continual replay in my car. Another tune that smacked me across the face is Time of Our Lives by Tyrone Wells. I discovered it right as I was saying goodbye to my first.. Read More


With all the bru-ha-ha going on in Wisconsin, I keep thinking about the article by Mr. Leonhardt that prompted the post below. After reading his article, I actually did something I don’t often do, I wrote him an email thanking him. Guess what? He actually wrote me back and we had a nice dialogue back and forth about the issue of teacher pay. As I noted in my post, teachers.. Read More


I never tire of watching five-year-olds trying to wink. It sounds like an easy task, but really you need to practice in front of a mirror to master it.  I don’t see Andy often… when I do, he gives me a big smile and an attempted wink… apparently first graders can’t wink much better than kindergartners.  Every time I see a sprout wink at me, I think of Andy and.. Read More


This revelation from my first year still holds very true. I recently read a fortune cookie that said, ‘Just be yourself; you are wonderful.’ This message is one I wish all my sprouts would take to heart. I still see Kevin in the hallways from time to time – he still smiles and calls my name. As lucky as these kids are, I’m pretty lucky myself. When I was little,.. Read More

29 Days.

Wow, this one is interesting. I was quite naive in my early kindergarten days. I’ve learned since that almost every child, no matter what they come in knowing, can meet our benchmarks. Am I an amazing teacher? Not really… the kids are just sponges and they make my job easy. Kind of. Chris is doing well in first grade. I remember fondly how excited I was after this assessment… it’s.. Read More

Mr. Weenie.

Oh Sonya. I adored her last year – she made my first year in kindergarten truly priceless. Her spirit and sense of humor literally made me laugh at least once a day. She makes sure to stop by and see me at least once daily… I’ve been her guest in her new class as she read to me. I didn’t cry, she was cracking too many jokes. Recently she came.. Read More


Teaching children to take care of themselves is just part of the game in kindergarten. Zipping is serious stuff… they don’t teach you about zipping in teacher prep classes, but they should. The art of zipping coats is delicate. This year, I’ve made enemies with a particular pink fluffy coat that gets stuck on the way up and the way down about ninety-nine percent of the time. I still fight with.. Read More


Recently I bumped into Nathan and was able to have a conversation with him for the first time this year. I asked him how he liked his first grade teacher. “She’s a pretty good teacher, she’ll do,” was his reply… his quip made me think of this little gem from last year. I called in sick. I’d been fighting a cold and sore throat all week and decided that a.. Read More