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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


This revelation from my first year still holds very true. I recently read a fortune cookie that said, ‘Just be yourself; you are wonderful.’ This message is one I wish all my sprouts would take to heart. I still see Kevin in the hallways from time to time – he still smiles and calls my name. As lucky as these kids are, I’m pretty lucky myself. When I was little,.. Read More

29 Days.

Wow, this one is interesting. I was quite naive in my early kindergarten days. I’ve learned since that almost every child, no matter what they come in knowing, can meet our benchmarks. Am I an amazing teacher? Not really… the kids are just sponges and they make my job easy. Kind of. Chris is doing well in first grade. I remember fondly how excited I was after this assessment… it’s.. Read More