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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


With all the bru-ha-ha going on in Wisconsin, I keep thinking about the article by Mr. Leonhardt that prompted the post below. After reading his article, I actually did something I don’t often do, I wrote him an email thanking him. Guess what? He actually wrote me back and we had a nice dialogue back and forth about the issue of teacher pay. As I noted in my post, teachers.. Read More


I never tire of watching five-year-olds trying to wink. It sounds like an easy task, but really you need to practice in front of a mirror to master it.  I don’t see Andy often… when I do, he gives me a big smile and an attempted wink… apparently first graders can’t wink much better than kindergartners.  Every time I see a sprout wink at me, I think of Andy and.. Read More