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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Yesterday at bus time, after my fitful afternoon, Audra slipped a note into my hand. The intensity of Valentine’s Day is bubbling at the surface in what I like to refer to as ‘Pre-Valentine’s’ – a few days of holiday excitement in itself. I could tell Audra was a little shy about by the note. She blushed as I opened it. There was a picture on one side and writing.. Read More


Wow. Today was the first full week of school since before our holiday break. It sounds like I’m complaining about nothing, but for some reason, five full days just whipped me this week. By a little before two o’clock, I was sitting in a chair watching the hum of centers around me and hearing my name said, over and over, and over, and over again. This is quite typical in.. Read More


Warning: This post is graphic. You may want to think twice before reading if you’re close to eating, eating, or just finished eating. You’ve been warned… proceed with caution. Today it finally happened. During calendar, I was helping a friend and turned to the class. I saw, not one, not two, but three friends with their fingers up their nose… one had one finger up each nostril. Enough was enough….. Read More

Brain food.

Today during our pre-writing routine (letter sounds, sight words, blends) I noticed my friend Richard paying extra close attention. We make a big deal about really watching the letters, words, and blends as we chant and read them to help make the connection. Richard doesn’t always do a wonderful job at paying attention… today he was on top of it. When we finished, I stopped, turned to him and said,.. Read More


Today during Writing Workshop, we worked on finishing our second books. Most sprouts are either done or almost done with their second masterpieces… Martin was not one of them. Martin is a bright little boy with a plethora of skills, but he just can’t get out of his own way. He usually does write during our workshop, but getting more than a word or two down is painful for him… Read More


Today at Choice time, Mrs. D. called me over. “Between Note to a Friend, Writing Workshop, Computers, and Library over half the class chose academic centers,” she said. We’d opened Gears, Lego’s, and a few other centers, but they just wanted to engage in literacy activities. They crave it. They also know we spend most of our time during centers helping friends with reading and writing. I sat with one.. Read More


One of the many things I love about kindergarten is the way our year ebbs and flows from holiday to holiday. The excitement of Halloween runs into Thanksgiving, then slides into Christmas, takes a turn at Martin Luther King Day, and then we take a long layover at Valentine’s Day (before heading straight for St. Patrick’s Day). Valentine’s Day has to be one of the favorites for five-year-olds. At first,.. Read More


During our Spanish this lesson this week, I had a ‘hold my breath’ moment. As our high school Spanish students were teaching us the names of Arctic animals, the word for ‘seal’ came up… it’s ‘foca’ and they even had a cute little song to help the class learn the new vocabulary. When she said ‘foca’ and had the class repeat it, Andy shouted out, ‘FOCA! That’s a bad word,.. Read More


This week we opened a new center… Gears! For the uninitiated, Gears are kind of like Lego’s, but they’re round, snap together, and come with a crank and if you put them together, they turn, much like the gears of a watch. They are SUPER cool. All week long, I walked by and watched sprouts working with the Gears. It’s rather easy to snap them together flat on the floor,.. Read More


Today, when our high school Spanish teachers arrived, they had a friend with them… a special visitor. It was Alexander’s big sister, who happens to also be in high school. Well, when Alexander saw his sister walk into the room, you would think Mickey Mouse himself had walked in. His face lit up. Alexander doesn’t talk a lot, but the he smiled in a way I’d never seen before… he.. Read More