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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


People often ask me where I get my ideas for postings… I have good days and bad ones. On good days, I’m pulling notes out of my pockets five or six times a day jotting down quotes and ideas. On bad days, the sprouts line up for buses and I wonder where the day went… nothing. To be fair, I’m sure something worth writing about happened, I just wasn’t in.. Read More


A few weeks ago, while surfing around websites of the amazing educators who blog, tweet, and fill the internet with humor and ideas, I stumbled upon a book called A Child’s Work: The Importance of Fantasy Play by Vivian Gussin Paley. Ms. Paley worked as a kindergarten teacher for over forty years at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and received numerous awards and accolades, so I figured she knew.. Read More


Yesterday, as by some fluke, Mother Nature decided winter was over (this morning it’s snowing). The temperature climbed into the sixties and I swear, for a moment, it hit seventy. As luck would have it, I’d worn a t-shirt with a hoodie sweatshirt because like most classrooms in America, mine can swing from a penguin habitat to a sweltering desert and back again in about five minutes. That hoodie sweatshirt.. Read More


This past Monday, as we did some syllable work, I realized quickly, that even with Mrs. D., myself, and Miss F. (who comes into our classroom to help once a week), there wasn’t going to be enough adult support. We’d been reviewing breaking words into syllables and we had a fun St. Patrick’s Day worksheet to review the skills. Yes, it was only Monday and we were already reading and.. Read More


This morning, a leprechaun must have sneaked something into my coffee (perhaps he switched my decaf with regular?)… I was in a cheeky sneaky mood and decided to play a trick on my friends from last year. Armed with shamrock and gold confetti I took off for some first grade classrooms. Without asking, I waltzed in, before the children arrived, and spread a little Irish cheer on tables and carpets… Read More


Teachers love to be loved. It’s part of our charm. Like it or not, the sprouts are going to adore you. Some show it with hugs, others with words. Some are a little more shy and draw pictures or give you notes. Then there is David. David tells me he loves me daily. He offers hugs, gives drawings, and tells me he’s already thinking about missing me when summer comes… Read More

Holy Trinity.

Today, in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day, we made our leprechaun ladders. These tiny ladders allow children to practice fine motor skills (cutting and sewing) and patterning. They’re made from cut out shamrocks, pieces of straw, and yarn. When they finish, we add a little sparkle (to attract the leprechauns) and then hang them around the classroom. As most sprouts were finishing, I walked around and hung them up… I.. Read More

Daylight Savings Slump.

Driving to work, once again, in the pitch dark, is not a fun way to start the day. As most of you know, I try to be a positive person. Losing an hour of sleep, driving in the dark, and then walking into my classroom to see the clock stating the time my body felt it truly was, well it wasn’t easy to stay up beat. Of course the kids.. Read More

Girl Power.

My post last week, Sammy, about my visit with Valerie from last year, sparked some more thoughts about girls. See, Valerie is one of those little girls that everyone comments on. Last year, whenever ladies came into my room to volunteer, work with students, drop something off, etc. anyone who saw Valerie would comment on her appearance. She’s just strikingly beautiful and people always noticed. This is why I always.. Read More


Last Monday, during sharing, Andy was not in a sharing mood. When it was his turn he sulked, “My name is Andy and…” Following the ‘and…’ came a sour face. After a minute of waiting (why does a minute of silent waiting in kindergarten feel like an eternity?), we moved on. Clearly Andy had woken up on the wrong side of the bed. The rest of his Monday wasn’t much.. Read More