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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


One of my favorite ways to spend my free time (I know, it’s an oxymoron for a kindergarten teacher…) is with my sprouts from last year. From time to time, they invite me to come listen to them read and there is no better way to spend part of my lunch. Today, Valerie, a dear student from last year, invited me to listen to her read. I walked in, she.. Read More


This week we started a mini-unit on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We’re reading as many versions of the story as we can and making our own storyboard and stick puppets to practice retelling. Our student led conferences are at the end of the month and each child retelling Goldilocks to their parents is the pièce de résistance of the day. I did this last year and read many, many.. Read More

Second lunch.

This is more a fellow teacher story than about my sprouts… I’ll call it a ‘tale from the teacher’s room’ as it happened there. I don’t usually share sacred stories from the place where students dare not dwell, but this one just tickled me pink… and the teacher gave me permission. I am not a baker, but after a friend gave me a new cookie cookbook, I’ve been delving into.. Read More


Today when I picked the class up from P.E. (we had a lengthy discussion about why we call it ‘P.E.’ instead of ‘gym’), Luther looked up at me, smiled, and said, “I missed you!” With that he gave me a giant hug. P.E. is all of forty minutes. I’m not sure how or why he missed me so, but it was one of the small drops that made my bucket.. Read More


Today was our read loud via Skype with Iza Trapani. Tomorrow is actually World Read Aloud Day, but our schedules didn’t connect so she graciously offered to read today. After reading almost every book she’s written and illustrated and learning all about her, the energy was bubbling first thing this morning… and our read aloud wasn’t until two o’clock. David walked off the bus saying, “Today we get to meet.. Read More


Today, after reading Iza Trapani’s I’m a Little Teapot (we’re having a read aloud with her tomorrow via Skyle… SO cool), Mrs. D. showed the class the music she put on the last page of the book. “If we had a musical instrument and someone knew how to play, we could play the notes to the song,” she explained. “If we only had a piano, I could play it for.. Read More


Last week we read Spoon by one of my favorite children’s authors, Amy Krouse Rosenthall. The story about a little spoon that envies his friends lives (“And Chopsticks! They are so lucky! Everyone thinks they’re really cool and exotic.”), but eventually learns he’s actually lucky to be a spoon just warms my heart. At the end of the story, Spoon finally jumps into bed (a drawer) with his parents and,.. Read More


This week, I was greeted with a wonderful surprise. When we returned from our winter break I was nervous about the behaviors I might encounter after so much time off. To my delight, not only were there no behavior issues from our respite, but the friends who struggled with some of our class rules had seemingly grown up. A few little boys who often spent time in our Rest Stop.. Read More

Mrs. Brown.

Today I had a Mrs. Brown moment. She was my fifth grade teacher and she always made comments typical of a fifty-ish year-old school teacher with thirty somewhat years experience. I wasn’t proud of my comment, I don’t think it offended the child, but it still mortified me that it came out of my mouth. This morning, as Mrs. D. was in the middle of a story, I looked up.. Read More


I forgot this funny tidbit from our one-hundredth day… Audra had brought in her collection of marbles to count. She diligently counted and recounted them with no issue. We even gave her a tray to use so they wouldn’t roll around the room. At the end of the day, Audra raised her hand, I walked over and she showed me four loose marbles. “Oh Audra, you better put those with.. Read More