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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

T-ball and tiaras.

Well the power of the Royal Wedding is supreme. It managed to infiltrate the walls of my kindergarten class yesterday… no doubt due to the fact that while all my little sprouts were getting ready for school they’re parents were glued to the nuptials. As each little girl filtered into the room, something was mentioned about the dress, the wedding, the PRINCESS. It was all about the princess… the Disney.. Read More


Today, we our amazing third grade reading buddies had a special treat for us… they brought some of the personal narrative stories to share with us. As luck would have it, we’ve been working on trying to add more detail to our own stories to make them more interesting (not an easy task in kindergarten) and having our older buddies share their own writing with us turned out to be.. Read More


Two things I love and am not afraid to admit are Legos and Star Wars. There is actually a Star Wars Legos video game that is heaven… the kids know I love Star Wars as I have quite a few t-shirts with R2-D2 and C-3PO I wear from time to time… today, during centers, Andy called me over to show me his creation. I was really impressed with his creativity… Read More


This afternoon, as I dismissed the class to get ready to go home, Evelyn hung back, standing a few feet away from me, just looking up at me. Clearly she wanted to tell or ask me something, so I took the bait. “Do you need something?” I inquired. She didn’t reply. She hesitated for a moment and then, with quite a bit of gusto, dove in for a tight hug… Read More


With two teachers and double the number of kids, walking in line in the hallway has become an art form. Usually one of us takes the front and the other the back. It works well because between the two of us, we can see almost the entire line. Today, as I waited to take my place at the end of our line to head out for recess, the kids walked.. Read More


Let me start today with a confession. This morning, after my alarm went off and I was shuffling around trying to get my act together after a week off from school for Spring Break, I had a bratty baby moment… when nobody was listening, I whined a little… it was something like, ‘I don’t wanna go back to work’ in the most pathetic voice you can imagine. Well, I did.. Read More


No matter what they say, size does matter. Class size that is. Having only taught in one area of the country, my class sizes have always stayed rather uniform. When I taught second grade, I would have as many as twenty-three, which seemed like a lot. In kindergarten I’ve had as much as twenty, which, when they’re all there, seems like a whole lot. Funny thing is, many teachers have.. Read More


Well apparently when you are sick for over two weeks you need to go to the doctor… thankfully my dear friend Ms. R. nagged me enough and I finally went… severe bronchitis. I’ve never had bronchitis before, and the ‘severe’ just was the icing on the cake… I was given three medications and told to ‘rest’… not always easy for me. I cued up some movies and was thrilled to.. Read More


Dear Mr. Movie Executive, As a kindergarten teacher, I have the unique perspective of watching a room full of five and six-year-olds (your target audience) for seven hours a day. I know you are constantly looking for the next ‘hot property’ for your children’s movies and I figured, being the generous guy I am, I’d offer some advice. I grew up satiated by classic two dimensional, hand drawn animation. My.. Read More


Ah Spring Break. How I love a week to sleep in and take naps. I suppose I’m a little addicted to sleep these days… With no travel plans, I fully intend to both sleep in and nap everyday. I have plans to do other stuff outside… but if Mother Nature plays her cards right, some of those naps might be outside. Last year, as a cost savings measure, my district.. Read More