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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


We are smack in the middle of our Ocean Unit. We’re learning about the water cycle and many ocean animals. I’ve shared some of my own ocean adventures (scuba diving, whale watching tours, etc.) and brought in some ocean relics to share. We’re taking a field trip to the beach next week and we’ve really just all got ocean on the brain… some of us a little more than others… Read More

New Math.

Well it’s been raining all week long here… we haven’t been able to go outside at all and I swear I can see the skin literally crawling on some sprouts… as I drove home today, thankful for a respite for a few days, a math formula popped into my head. Now I teach kindergarten.  We don’t do much algebra, so I have no clue how accurate this is, but here.. Read More


As part of our Ocean Unit, we’re learning about sharks… kids love sharks. They’re scary, but since they live in the ocean and we don’t, not super scary. We read Don’t Eat the Babysitter and many, many non-fiction books about sharks today. I wanted a simple shark craft, but didn’t have a clue what to do… After searching online, I found this wonderful idea. It was actually thought up by.. Read More


Today Audra came in and I noticed right away something was different… as she came over for my morning hug, I swore I saw eye makeup on her… it didn’t look right to me and not being a makeup expert (add it to the list of things I’m not an expert at), I asked Mrs. D. for her opinion. After scoping out the situation, she decided it was indeed mascara.. Read More


I love Writing Workshop… I love to write and I love to share my passion for writing with my sprouts. Most of them take to their pens (yes, we use pens in kindergarten… authors need special tools!), but there are always a few that are more… hesitant. They hum and haw, stare off into space, get up for a tissue, get up to use the bathroom, crumple papers, and do.. Read More


Today we took a field trip to a local wildlife rescue park. They take in wild animals and take care of them. Most are hurt or injured and wouldn’t survive on their own. They have some amazing animals and was a wonderful way to celebrate our animal unit. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided a cold, wet, drizzly day was in store and so, with apprehension, we set off for the park… Read More

Evelyn and Jason.

We all know the drill. The sprouts with the highest academic and behavior needs get the higher percentage of our attention… day in and day out. Is it fair? Absolutely not. Unfortunately, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles and there’s not much you can do about it. Lucky for me, with a team teaching situation this year, I’m finding I can give more attention to all children, regardless of.. Read More


I love Fridays. Not just because the weekend looms, but during Centers on Friday afternoon, I take a break from pulling kids to assess and read and just play with them. Lately the Kitchen Center has been where I spend much of my time. I’m the customer in their ‘restaurant’ and we chat about this and that and I get to order whatever food my heart desires. Yesterday Connie was.. Read More


Today we walked up to the high school to see the district Art Show… as we perused the show, the looks on each sprout’s face as they saw their piece of art was priceless. For a moment, they were famous. It was a sight to see. On our way back, as we walked on the sidewalk, I quickly saw the soccer field sprinklers had come on while we were in.. Read More


Today, when I escaped my room for a moment to use the bathroom, something strange was in the hallway… a little boy holding a soccer ball. He wasn’t in my class and there was no adult with him… he was clearly waiting for someone – a tech, a service provider, I’m not sure… what was clear was he had a ball and needed a partner. Without saying a word, I.. Read More