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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


This afternoon, I read a new book… well new to me. The Pout-Pout Fish is the story of a little fish who just simply can’t see past his pouty ways. His ocean friends try to help him turn his mood around – to no avail. Finally, a stranger comes along and gives him a kiss… he flips upside down, and realizes he really isn’t a Pout-Pout fish after all. Well,.. Read More

Some spider.

Oh Charlotte. Each year, you cast a spell on my class… and me. We just finished our study of insects and spiders (they’re different!) and celebrated by watching Charlotte’s Web… the classic animated version – not the live action remake from a few years ago. I was about to begin writing about E.B. White’s masterpiece, but I remembered my post from last year. After rereading it, it really captures the.. Read More


Ah the internet (or World Wide Web as the local newsman calls it…). I’m never surprised at the amazing networking opportunities it provides. I get tweets and emails weekly from teachers, students, and parents. Usually they are kind comments and questions. Occasionally, I’m asked to read and review a book (who doesn’t love a free book?) – a few weeks ago I got a most unusual email. Rachael Stefanussen, an.. Read More

Best Books for Boys.

We all know our young boys are in trouble. You don’t have to read the statistics to know that girls are outperforming boys across the board in classrooms across America. Teachers looking for another good resource to help reach the males entering their rooms each day should definitely check out Pam Allyn’s Best Books for Boys. The author spends the first part of the book explaining how we can help.. Read More


This morning at Sharing, Lonny, always one to give me a chuckle, offered this gem. “Yesterday, I went on a walk and I was lucky enough to spot a wild caterpillar!” The following thoughts went through my head: Wild? Really? As opposed to what? A domestic caterpillar? A tame caterpillar? Was it rearing its head hissing at him? What made this caterpillar so wild? Did it bite him? Are wild.. Read More


Last week, as we were standing in line for the bus, some of the sprouts were talking about their parents coming along on our field trip to the beach the next day. Evelyn, whose mom was not joining us, was feeling left out. “I wish my Mom could come on a field trip,” she said. “Well next year, when your brothers and sisters are in school, maybe your mom can.. Read More


Today my class had a really unique treat. Mrs. M., a first grade teacher at our school, brought her pet lizard Teddy in for us to meet. Yesterday, when Mrs. M. asked me if my class might like to meet Teddy, I asked a little more about him. “What kind of lizard is he?” I inquired. “He’s a Black and White Argentine Tegu,” she answered. Confession. I had no clue.. Read More


Last week on our field trip to the beach, I had a really nice conversation with Sarah’s mother about her. You see, when the Sarah started kindergarten last year, she was one of the youngest sprouts and, although I’d seemingly forgotten, she couldn’t write her name. Her mother hadn’t failed to remember. “She’s come such a long way in just one year,” she remarked. “You’re right… just wait until you.. Read More


In the interest of full disclosure, let me start by saying this post has nothing to do with kindergarten, teaching, education, or my classroom. I just spent the last three days with my ninety-year-old plus grandparents (yes, they’re both not only still alive, but quite spry) and while I almost never write about my personal adventures outside the realm of the classroom, I’m about too. Don’t worry, I’ll be back.. Read More


Jason has a new toy. Someone in his family gave him an old label maker… remember the old kind where you had to move the dial to each letter and then punch it onto the green sticky tape? Well this new device is quite thrilling for Jason. He came in and gave Mrs. D. a bracelet with her name on it first. She proudly wore it on her wrist all.. Read More