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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Fall Preview.

Well, all of the major networks are rolling out their Fall lineups, trying to get folks excited about the new and returning shows (for my personal taste, a little less reality and little more comedy), so I figure, why not me as well.  I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve and I love giving a little teaser. First of all, what do you think of the new look?  I.. Read More

Silver Lining.

Unless you’ve been under a rock the past few days (and with the temperatures nearing Hades levels in most of the U.S. under a rock might be the coolest place to be), you’ve certainly heard about Border’s Bookstores closing. A pang in my heart at hearing the news would be an understatement. Sure, I buy most of my books on Amazon, but there is nothing like entering a giant bookstore.. Read More

Literacy Beginnings – Guide

If you’re a little… well unorganized like me, you might appreciate this. Here’s a table with all the chapters and where to join the blog party. Remember, it’s never too late to buy the book and join our amazing discussion. Enjoy! Literacy Beginnings Book Study & Blog Party Chapter 1 Hosted by Pre-K Pages More thoughts from Brick by Brick Chapter 2 Hosted by Teach Preschool More thoughts from Pre-K.. Read More

Literacy Beginnings – Chapter 18

“Writing can contribute to the building of almost every kind of inner control of literacy learning that is needed by the successful reader.” – Marie Clay Whoa. Read it again (I did). All early childhood educators know the link between reading and writing is seamless and the sprouts in our rooms seem to show us the marriage between the two skills everyday. Chapter Eighteen of Literacy Beginnings, The Reading-Writing Connection.. Read More

Literacy Beginnings – Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven of Literacy Beginnings, Using Interactive Read-Aloud to Support Emergent Readers, goes deeper into the cornerstone of any early childhood classroom, reading aloud. The opening line of the chapter sums up the importance of the task at hand beautifully, ‘Reading aloud to children is the best way we know to teach them to love books.’ (Page 114) This is a long and important chapter. I’ve tried to be brief.. Read More

Literacy Beginnings – Chapter 10

Chapter Ten of Literacy Beginnings, an introductory chapter, Learning to Read: Three Critical Areas of Early Learning, outlines the three critical areas involved with learning to read. We all know introducing children to books, concepts of print, and story language can never begin to soon. Many children arrive at preschool and kindergarten without these crucial foundations in place. Fountas and Pinnell explain the areas and then provide activities and examples.. Read More


‘The beginning is the most important part of the work.‘ – Plato A few weeks ago, a group of bloggers (including me!) began a book study of the new Fountas and Pinnell book, Literacy Beginnings: A Pre-Kindergarten Handbook. When Vanessa from Pre-K Pages asked me to participate, I was unsure at first. The books subtitle after all is ‘A Pre-Kindergarten Handbook’ and I teach kindergarten. What would this book have.. Read More