Look at my happy rainbow!

My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Part of our Morning Meeting routine is Sharing.  At the beginning of the year, Sharing can be really challenging for kindergartners.  Thinking of something to share can be difficult and speaking in front of the group can be scary.  To help with both of these issues, we start off with some sharing prompts.  What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?  Do you have any pets? Yesterday, our prompt was, ‘Do.. Read More

Sweet Dreams.

Ah, Lorenzo.  The more random and sweet they are, the quicker they weasel their way into my heart.  Today, as he walked out to his bus, he looked up at me, smiled, gave me a hug, and whispered, “Sweet Dreams, Mrs. ______.” Really?  I’m convinced he thinks I sleep in the classroom.  This kid is killing me.

Disco shoes.

I am not a parent, but am often asked parenting questions and as an early childhood educator, I do my research, read up on childhood development and parenting best practices so I can inform the parents of my sprouts to the best of my ability.  I would like to offer some unsolicited advice to parents: Do not buy light up sneakers for your child. To be clear, I’m a fun.. Read More


Today, as we walked outside for recess, Lorenzo, our line leader, whispered, “Mrs. ______ can I tell you something?”  Yes, he still calls me ‘Mrs.’ and it hasn’t gotten to me yet. Now, we’re supposed to be silent in the hallways.  It’s not an easy feat for kindergartners.  Dare I say, it can be impossible, but we do our best.  Normally, I would shake my head ‘no’ and keep walking,.. Read More


Apparently, the idea of a male kindergarten teacher is a little too much for some of my sprouts.  A select few, after only a week together, are still calling me, ‘Mrs. ______’ instead of Mr.  Does it bother me? Not in the least. You see, in the grand scheme of things, with all we have to learn and do together, what they call me just isn’t high on the priority.. Read More


Oh, I love the innocence of kindergartners.  On the first day, when you tell them how excited mom and dad will be to see their picture and one of them shouts out, “No, my dad’s in jail!” you just have to smile. Yesterday, after asking a question and calling on a little girl (really, they all raise their hands before even thinking about an answer at this point), to fill some.. Read More


Day four and things are slowly (like a snail) getting better.  A big part of it is a combination of building up the stamina of tiny little people that have none and keeping them distracted enough to forget they miss their moms.  It’s a delicate balance and I do it with lots of books, songs, and a few puppets. I’ve been anxious each morning, just making sure I feel ready.. Read More


Day three and things are getting better… slowly.  I seriously forget how challenging the first few days (weeks, months?) can be.  So many of my new friends have no pre-school or daycare experience and they truly have landed on a new planet.  Everyday brings improvements and weekends bring an opportunity to catch up on sleep! Today, while preparing for a story, Mrs. D., my amazing partner, and I were attempting.. Read More

Knowing our sprouts.

We all know the better we know our sprouts, the better we can reach and inspire them.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, there is research on it!  Less testing?  More play?  Getting to know your students and allowing them to work to their own strengths?  Let me repeat – LESS testing. This (short) article really inspired me and I think it just might do the same for you.  Take a minute.. Read More

The Dream.

As I ponder Day One and think ahead of tomorrow (with rain in the forecast… inside recess!), I can’t help but think of this video.