Look at my happy rainbow!

My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


On Friday, we opened our Car Center.  We have a road mat and parking garage and lots of cars.  The kids just adore this center and because we only allow two sprouts at the mat and two at the parking garage, it helps those friends who have difficulty in larger groups practice social skills with just one other friend. Ever the proud teacher, I always try to snap a few.. Read More


Yesterday, as I was walking out of the school, three of my favorite ladies were walking in from bus duty.  These three amazing first grade teachers are some of the most, well, veteran teachers at our school.  They all exude class and style and I truly love them all dearly… so it was with complete jest I said, “Look, it’s The Three Stooges… or maybe The Three Musketeers?  Which do you prefer?”.. Read More

Best. Field. Trip. Ever.

Well, I worried about the rain.  I checked the weather online, watched every local news forecast, and basically became obsessed with the possibility of rain.  I woke up around 4:30 this morning to the sound of rain pouring on my roof.  Ugh. I drove into work dreading the day.  It was coming down hard and it wasn’t looking good.  When I got to school we found out the farm was open and.. Read More


There isn’t much more exciting to a five-year-old than a loose tooth.  Today, during Morning Meeting, I saw Matthew pushing at his front teeth with his tongue… there was a tooth getting ready to bust out. Later, during calendar, with his hand up, and about to burst out of his skin, he mumbled through his teeth, “My toof is about to fall out!” “I’m a mother, let me take a.. Read More

Two names.

During Writing Workshop today, I stopped to work with Leslie.  As I looked at her paper, I saw an apple tree and two people, so I took a shot. “I love your story Leslie, is about apple picking?” I prompted. “Yeah, it was me and my mom apple picking,” she replied. “Which one is you and which one is your mom?” I asked, trying to get her to label her.. Read More


Teaching kindergarten with a headache is not fun… I don’t recommend it.  It started out as a dull ache that progressively got worse as the day progressed. By the time I was wrangling my group during bus duty, I was craving the little blue pills that might bring some relief… Advil.  To my dismay, my bag was dry.  Foolishly, I had taken the last one and not refilled the bottle… Read More


Last Thursday, I had to leave class for a few hours for a meeting.  While I was gone, they made some super cute scarecrows using different colored shapes.  Each child cut out their shapes and then put the scarecrow together. Finally, they added some real hay to finish the scarecrows off. At the end of the day, after I’d returned and the scarecrows dried, with the entire class gathered, Mrs… Read More

Vet Center.

Oh boy.  Who knew vomit and death were so prevalent in the minds of five-year-olds?  Please make a note of it. Today we introduced our Vet Center.  It’s a fun little center with stuffed animals (dogs, cats, and bears – hey, you might have a pet bear…) and various medical equipment a vet might find useful.  As we do with all new centers, I built up the drama of a NEW center.. Read More


Today at bus time, as I stood at the door, I called, “OK, Pickups come line up by me.” A few friends who get picked up everyday came scampering over.  A few seconds later, Molly shouted, “Mr. ______, am I a hiccup today?” “Excuse me, what did you say?” I asked, usure I’d heard correctly. “A hiccup, am I a hiccup today?” She repeated. “Um, no Molly, you aren’t a.. Read More

Giggle Fit.

Let’s be clear about something right away… it was ME having the giggle fit, not a sprout.  Now that I’ve got that out of the way, here’s what happened. The class had just returned from Art.  We were all gathered on the carpet for a story.  It was a big book – my favorite kind because Mrs. D. and I read them together. I read the title of the story.. Read More