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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Puppets, part two.

Oh the joy of puppets.  When I first wrote about puppets, I focused on the joy they bring to my teaching.  The fact is, kids adore puppets, and as evidence by The Muppets t-shirt I just bought and wear proudly, so do I. Today, we introduced our puppet center. Sorry, Play Dough and Mr. Potato Head, but the excitement over the puppet center was unrivaled.  I couldn’t have agreed more.. Read More

Tunnel Tag.

Two days of rain.  Two days of inside recess.  One of those days with no special.  I’m convinced Mother Nature is a cruel, evil, spiteful lady… Of course, with no recess and no place to take the class, by the end of the day Friday, things were looking grim.  To be clear, in our class we move a LOT. We move, dance, jump, stretch, and bop about every ten minutes.. Read More


Today, as I dropped my friends off at the cafeteria for lunch, Will, who had kept his voice off the entire way, busted out, with more glee than I’d heard from him about almost anything, “Mr. ______, I’m having school lunch today and it’s tacos and I’m so excited because I just love tacos, tacos, TACOS!” I too, love tacos (and Mexican food in general), so I got his enthusiasm… Read More


Today I had an all day meeting… well actually it was only until about midday… that was followed by another meeting.  Ugh.  I officially don’t like meetings.  Let me say, I do not want to be an administrator, or anything else that would cause me to sit in meetings more than on the rare occasion.  Meetings don’t fit my personality… SQUIRREL! In any event, my first meeting was off site, but my.. Read More

Monkey bars.

What is it about the monkey bars that just does it for kindergartners?  Today, as we walked outside, I swear to you, I heard a little boy shout at the top of his lungs, “Look out monkey bars, here I come!” They try and try to get across.  Some can do it on day one and for others it takes all year.  It’s a good lesson in persistence and I’m more.. Read More


Friday, during calendar time, one of the most curious sprouts shouted out, ‘What’s that pirate ship for?” Indeed, over Monday, was a card with a sailboat and the words ‘Columbus Day’ on it.  It did look like a pirate ship and figuring the irony would be lost on the group of kindergartners, I took a deep breath and did my best to explain why there would be no school on.. Read More

Swing and a miss.

We are rhyming up a storm lately.  We sing about rhymes, read about rhymes, rhyme our names, heck, we rhyme just about anything.  One of our quick activities to practice and assess each sprout’s ability to rhyme is rhyming around the circle.  As we sit in a circle, we go around one by one, giving a word to each child.  They in return give a rhyming word back.  It can.. Read More


Well we started meeting regularly with our third grade Reading Buddies.  Besides the awesome experience my sprouts get from reading one on one with a third grader and getting to visit a third grade classroom, I get to see two of my favorite third grade teachers and friends. It just so happens, these two amazing ladies decided to team this year and so each week, half of my class goes.. Read More


During calendar today, Riley, our calendar helper, accidentally drew a rather large line on my shirt with a black marker.  It wasn’t on purpose and I just kind of shrugged it off.  This wasn’t a particularly favorite shirt of mine and damaged clothes are par for the course in kindergarten. Later in the day, during centers, as I stood up from the table Kristen was sitting at, she remarked, “Oh Mr. ______,.. Read More


This morning I had a meeting and was out of my classroom… I don’t like being away… I became a teacher because I love kids, not to sit in meetings, but from time to time, they’re unavoidable.  In any event, after a rough morning, I headed back to my classroom just as my little sprouts were marching back to the classroom from lunch.  The looks on their faces when they.. Read More