Look at my happy rainbow!

My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


And so it begins.  Tattling.  Today during centers, Kristen walked up to me and shouted, “Phoebe ate some play dough!” Before I could open my mouth to reply, Phoebe was next to her saying, “No I didn’t – she’s LYING!” Thing is, what Phoebe didn’t know was she had a little piece of yellow play dough hanging off her bottom lip… seriously. “Well, both you just remember the rules, we.. Read More


On Thursday, I experienced, not one, but two firsts.  Both involved Fred.  As you may recall, Fred started the year as my most difficult sprout.  Well as luck would have it… actually, it has very little to do with luck… as LOVE would have it, it turns out the loving, trusting, warm environment Mrs. D. and I create in our classroom has started working. First number one. Fred read his.. Read More