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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

N, /n/, bird?

A few years ago, a parent gave me a set of jungle animals with a mat.  There are twenty-six animals, each with a different letter on them.  The mat has all the letters and you can probably figure out how you might use these in a kindergarten classroom. Well today during center time, I wandered over to listen to some boys identifying the letters and sounds.  They select an animal,.. Read More


Today, as I dropped the class off at Art, we were waiting for another class to pass in the hallway (seriously, sometimes the hallway feels like congested highway traffic, but I digress…), Elena, the line leader, holding my hand, leaned on me.  A full on, serious LEAN.  So naturally, I started so softly sing Lean On Me to her.  She smiled back and I remembered why I love that song.. Read More

Good day.

Today was a good day… you can’t always say that on a Monday, but today was different.  Here’s why: Elena, a shy, quiet little girl, who has never hugged me before, came up and gave me a great bear hug when I picked the class up from P.E.   On the playground, a little boy who is not in my class, but I know, had an enormous cotton ball in.. Read More

The Truth About DIBELS

A coworker lent me The Truth About DIBELS over the summer and as with all professional books, it sat on my bedside table for awhile (months).  I recently finished this short book and found it fascinating.  The authors present the various DIBELS tests and procedures along with comments from parents, teachers, and even DIBELS staff.  It’s an intresting read.  As an educator, I always want to investigate all sides of.. Read More

Quiet hugs.

Oh how I love when a sprout from last year pops in to say hello in the morning.  This year, many friends have come to say hello, some from day one, and others, only recently. Nicole was a shy, quiet little girl who took many months last year to even speak in front of the class. She always lights up when we see each other in the hallway and opens her.. Read More


Today I’m going to get a tad personal.  It’s Veterans Day so I have the day off and have been thinking a lot about my grandfather.  He has told me some amazing (and horrific) war stories over the years.  As I stood in line at Dunkin’ Donuts remembering all the details of what he told me, I noticed the lady in front of me.  She had a sweatshirt on that.. Read More


It never ceases to amaze me how the power of a child’s pure love to fix almost anything.  After a rough day, I was sitting in my chair, trying to calm the class after reading buddies.  As I sat there, thinking about what to say to quiet them quickly, Will came up and showed me a heart he was making with his hands. I’d never seen him, or any other.. Read More


There’s not a quote I can find to say what I’m feeling, so I’m going to write one myself: It takes an entire community to care for children… if you see or hear a child in need, take notice, step up, be there, not just for him, but for their teacher too. Today, I had a situation that sounded scary (it wasn’t), but a child was loud – very loud… Read More

Turkey FUN!

Well it begins. The race towards Thanksgiving has begun.  Today we sang Turkey Time (four times) and read Run, Turkey, Run! (three times).  There is just something downright AWESOME about turkeys and Thanksgiving… I hope to share many related stories in the next two weeks leading up to the big day.  For now, get your TURKEY on with this amazing song and book!  

Life Skills 101

After reading a recent article about the readiness of children entering kindergarten, I couldn’t help but think about the life skills of those same students.  The article focused on academics, but I’m always surprised at what seemingly simple everyday tasks my sprouts need to be taught. Opening a snack – I always teach the ‘pinch and pull’ method because ripping open a bag of chips or pretzels just doesn’t ever.. Read More