Look at my happy rainbow!

My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


I have a confession… I am prone to going overboard.  I know, shocking. Anyway, here goes… in my entire teaching career, I’ve never been able to have a real party with my class… you know with cookies, cupcakes, and cake. Year after year, I’ve had at least one (if not many) sprouts with food allergies.  So the parties have been mostly food free.  Oh sure, from time to time, we’ve.. Read More


This morning, as I pulled into the parking lot at school, I felt a little zombie-esque.  Over the last two weeks, I’ve had late nights (for conferences) and early mornings (meetings) and sleep has gotten away from me.  Last night was my final evening of conferences and I was dragging… as I moped across the parking lot, a car pulled past me and slowed down.  The window rolled down and.. Read More

Kindergarten lessons.

The life lessons come at me faster than a Volkswagen on the Autobahn… here are some gems I’ve garnered: If you don’t have a special on a particular day of the week, it will rain that day all year long… Mother Nature laughs at your pain… get over it. If a child is being observed for potential services, they will pull it together for the thirty minutes the observer is in.. Read More

Hug Zone.

Something has happened over the last week or so… our classroom has become a bonafide Hug Zone.  There were hugs almost from day one, but slowly, like a train picking up steam, they have increased to the point where spontaneous hugging breaks out from time to time. Today when I picked my class up from Library, I sat next to Henry… he hugged me and started a hug party.  I.. Read More


There is not much cuter than a bunch of kindergartners in pajamas.  Ever the trooper, I wear mine as well… I don’t really corner the market on ‘cute pajamas’ so I always look out for cool ones just for the occasion.  This year, I was lucky enough to spot some Muppet pajamas. Because of the new Muppet Movie, most of the sprouts are at least somewhat familiar with the Muppets,.. Read More