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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


The following post is from my first year teaching kindergarten…  When I used to teach second grade, almost all of the kids came to me reading in some capacity.  There were a few really low kids, who struggled and needed tons of extra help, but even they could read a little.  I knew kindergarten would be different, and boy was I right. I have one child in my class who.. Read More


Today during Writing Workshop we continued working on our small moments stories.  I worked with Derek who came in as a struggling learner… with no preschool and no school experience, he couldn’t even write his name… well wouldn’t you know it, he was one of the first sprouts to finish his book!  I was proud, he was proud, this was definitely one for the win column. Since he had finished.. Read More


Unless you teach in Hawaii (and maybe some of you are lucky enough that you do!), chances are, some sort of inclement weather prevents your sprouts from going outside for recess from time to time… some of us have it all – rain, wind, snow, freezing temperatures, and falling frogs from the sky. When kindergartners can’t go outside to burn off some of that energy for days on end, it.. Read More


Recently, during my annual review, my administrator, after going over all of my academic goals and achievements, asked me, “What are you most proud of about your teaching?” Without even taking a second to think, I knew the answer… and it had nothing to do with academics. I’m proud my students come in each day with a smile. I’m proud my students are excited about learning. I’m proud my students.. Read More


Today, while getting dressed for lunch (which, to be clear, is nothing short of an ordeal), Lucas began to get teary… I think he couldn’t find a mitten, hat, or some other snow paraphernalia that most likely got sucked into the black hole that eats all snow gear not held onto tightly in my classroom.  As I bent down to investigate, Felicia, who sits right next to Lucas came over to try and.. Read More


This week we’re moving into learning about hibernation… while many animals hibernate, we’re focusing on bears because they’re so interesting.  One of my favorite winter books is Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson.  Even children who have heard this story before love hearing it again… they help me read the ‘… Bear snores on’ part over and over. After reading it, we talked about hibernation and how the book must.. Read More


A few years ago, when I taught second grade, I discovered an amazing piece of software called Stationery Studio by Fablevision.  This writing software allows teachers to create customized writing paper by modifying the layout, lines, and design.  You can even type text to begin a prompt and it allows you to use a traceable font too.  It’s pretty awesome. When I bought the software, I signed up to be on.. Read More

Product Vs. Process

It’s the title bout of the century.  Which matters more, the end product or the journey taken to get to it?  Over my teaching career, I’ve seen teachers fall squarely into both camps.  When you work with the little ones, it’s even more of an issue… small hands often struggle with tracing, cutting, gluing, and coloring… how important is it for the art project your sprout brings home look perfect?.. Read More


Brian was calendar helper today.  This isn’t really big news, except Brian is one charming fella.  He has a way with the ladies and takes to winking and hugging whenever he can.  A lunch aide recently told me he told her the day he met her was the ‘best of his entire life’… that’s saying something for a five-year-old. In any event, as Brian stood in front of the class.. Read More


Today during Writing Workshop, I worked with Sophia.  She came in a struggling learner and has made slow progress.  We’ve worried about her and have had her parents working with her on some of the concepts she’s had trouble with – with limited success. As I helped her with her writing, I got quite a shock. “What’s the next word in your sentence?” I asked. “My grampy and me made a.. Read More