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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Yesterday, I received the following email from a reader: This is my first year in Kindergarten. I enjoy it. I love helping my little ones learn… I have 3 or 4 that aren’t getting it in ELA. I look at their scores and they seem to be falling more and more behind. It makes me feel like I’m not doing a good job as a teacher or that I’m not doing something.. Read More


Of course coming back after a week out is always tough.  When I have a sprout tell me, “I love school, I love you, I missed you” – well that makes it all a little better. Today, I had to wonder if vacations are meant to make us realize how much we love our jobs… I know that sounds crazy, but as wonderful as vacation can be (and oh it.. Read More

Winners… and a story.

Yes, I’m back!  I had an amazing, restful, exciting trip.  One of the most incredible adventures I had was snorkeling in the middle of the ocean on a reef.  I saw some of the most beautiful fish, but the highlight was seeing an elusive sea turtle! I raised my head out of the water to notify some of the other snorkelers of a particularly bright blue fish, stuck my head back in the.. Read More


Wow, when I started this blog a few years ago, I never thought I’d get so much love online.  Wait, that sounds bad… I remember setting up the facebook page for the blog and thinking, ‘Wow, if only one hundred people followed, that would be pretty cool!’ Soon, one hundred became, five hundred, then one thousand, and so on. Well, now, as we surpass three thousand on facebook, I’d like.. Read More


David is a rotund little fellow who simply adores food.  I’ve never met a kindergartner who loves food as much as David.  He talks about being hungry and eating all the time.  He even writes about food.  To be clear, he isn’t malnourished in any way… quite the opposite.  The boy just loves to eat. Here are my favorite examples of David’s infatuation with food. His first story in Writing Workshop.. Read More


There’s just no other word for Valentine’s Day in kindergarten. Well maybe chaotic… or crazy… or ridiculous… but for me, ‘whirlwind’ just covers it. From Valentine’s delivery to waiting to open them (I probably heard, “When can we open our Valentines?” about fifty times… and I told them all many times when it would happen…) to the sweets we had (really, it doesn’t get much better than cupcakes with pink.. Read More


Ok, this is a little silly… just fair warning. Today was our 100th day of school.  This afternoon, we were making our special necklaces with fruity cereal (the off brand works super). When the first little girl finished her necklace and I had tied it on, I took her hand, walked her to the middle of the class and said, “Modeling her new necklace, supermodel Sally!” I then had her.. Read More


grav·i·ty 1 – dignity or sobriety of bearing : importance significance; especially : seriousness : a serious situation or problem 2 – weight 3 – the gravitational attraction of the mass of the earth, the moon, or a planet for bodies at or near its surface (2) :a fundamental physical force that is responsible for interactions which occur because of mass between particles, between aggregations of matter Cut to me, sitting at my desk, consoling a crying Henry.  For better or worse, some.. Read More


Something happened today that reminded me of this post from my first year teaching kindergarten… When I was little, my mom used to tell me, “You’re lucky you’re cute.”  I never understood what she meant.  I don’t have my own children, but I think I’m finally beginning to comprehend her phrase. There are a number of kids in my class that know very little.  I’m talking about the basics, stuff.. Read More


No, sorry to disappoint you, but I am not expecting.  That being said, no less than four ladies at my school are.  In addition to that, a few of my teacher friends not at my school are also mommies to be.  I’m not sure what is going on, but the babies are in full effect in my stratosphere. Lucky for me, both Mrs. F. and Mrs. G., our third grade.. Read More