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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


You might remember Henry from a previous post.  Well, as luck would have it, I found out that Henry’s older sister, Amy is in the second grade class of one of my new favorite teachers, Mrs. P.  At lunch one day, when we discovered the siblings we shared, we started brainstorming some ways to help them connect at school. With so much going on at home, we wanted to provide.. Read More


Thankfully, many teachers at my school are patient with me.  Mrs. T. is one of them.  As I walked down the hallway to pick my kids up, I saw her at the front of her line, carrying two very large boxes. Now I happen to know Mrs. T. is moving this week and gathering boxes. When I saw a lovely lady carrying two large boxes and a line of able.. Read More


We read Katy and the Big Snow again… really, what isn’t better than a little red snow plow?  The kids just adore this story and the maps we make to go with it.  We always work on our maps with pencil first, then after we add the details and label the places on the map, we color and finally, add some snow. The snow is just some simple stuffing glued.. Read More


Recently, my dear friend Karen, sent me a link to an article in Education Week about… what else, hugs.  As I read the article, all I could do was shrug and nod my head.  I love when science backs up what I already know with research. Basically, the researchers found that animals and children’s brain development was drastically improved by nurturing provided by hugs.  This is nothing new to anyone who works in.. Read More


I have a dilemma.  You see my school has been doing a fundraiser for sometime.  They sell these smelly pencils for a dollar.  The kids go ape for them.  No big deal right? Here’s my problem.  I’m all for fundraising and a dollar isn’t a lot of money… but some kids just don’t have it.  I understand, this is life… especially in the community I work in… much like our country,.. Read More


Ok, I know, I know, kindergartners are cute.  It’s the price we pay each day… Well today, the cuteness overload was off the charts. Sally is a precious little girl already, but today, she walked in, with a beret on her head.  A freakin’ beret!  Of course, never one to let the chance for an accent or foreign language experience get away from me, I shouted to her, “Oh, Sally,.. Read More