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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Quiet Time.

Another post from my first year.  I still adore Quiet Time.  It has become something a little more organic than all kids just sitting at their seats… shoes are tied, tears are wiped, band-aids applied, and hugs are given… lots of hugs.  All this happens in silence and Yanni still soothes are souls. When I was in kindergarten, I distinctly remember naptime.  The teacher would pull out plastic mats and.. Read More

We sing.

Lately I’ve been feeling very nostalgic.  I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s the weather and some of my old (I’m talking middle school old) students coming to visit and making me feel… well ancient.  For the record, I’m not, but when in my mind you were a tiny child and now you’re a young gentleman or lady, it’s a little disheartening.   Anyway, as part of my reflection, I’ve been.. Read More

Plaidypus Pattern.

I’ve written about it here and here… there is something about the platypus and this story and the ensuing plaidypus that is just magical.  I copied this pattern from another kindergarten teacher (who no doubt copied it from someone else…) so I can’t really take full credit.  Yes, that’s my handwriting on them, and probably not my best either, but it’s readable. There are no ‘instructions’ per se, just some.. Read More


I know I’ve written about this before, but as I watched my sprouts with their Plaidypus babies today, I couldn’t help but revisit the topic… as I complimented each of them on their sewing skills, I realized, much like their teacher (who can barely sew a button on to save his life), it’s the journey that fills you with pride… even if said button is hanging by a thread. The.. Read More


This week we are reading Plaidypus Lost (really, an amazing book) and making our stuffed platypus animals… so sweet, it’s really one of my favorite activities we do all year.  I burned myself with the hot glue gun a few times, but it was totally worth it… each year I’m reminded of this post I wrote the first time I made these with my sprouts… As part of the reading program at.. Read More


Today as I walked my friends to P.E. we happened upon Mrs. F., our third grade Reading Buddies teacher.  She’s expecting and due in just a few weeks. Will, the line leader, looked up at her and asked, “That baby is still in her belly isn’t it?” “Yup, still in there,” I replied. “You know, that baby started out as a tiny tadpole and then grew and grew and now.. Read More


Today at recess, there were no kids on the swings.  A substitute teacher noticed this and commented, “It’s to bad they’re not enjoying the swings.” “Watch this,” I said as I walked over to the swings. I sat down and began swinging with gusto.  Within seconds a swarm of kids came over to watch and join in.  After a few minutes, I hopped off and the kids mostly stayed. The.. Read More


As I already admitted, I’m no nurse.  I have my own ways of dealing with ‘sick’ kids… and by ‘sick’ I mean, faking it.  I’ve grown clever at seeing through the sneaky tricks of five-year-olds wanting to get a free visit to the nurse.  Here is my shortlist of strategies: “Get a cool drink of water.”  You’d be amazed at the miracle of water.  It can fix almost anything that.. Read More


Today during Morning Meeting, something quite random happened… I know, random things happen in kindergarten all the time, but this was more random than usual. While Brian was reading the Morning Message, the door opened, and Lonny, a little boy from last year, poked his head in, smiled, waved, and then shut the door. Now, many old friends come to visit often, but Lonny isn’t one of them.  I was.. Read More


Today, I was visiting a sprout in the nurse’s office who wasn’t feeling well. ‘Chaotic’ is not a word to throw round lately… the nurse’s office can be a place of pure chaos.  We have a new nurse this year and I’ve really started to grow fond of her. Here are a few things I’ve noticed about the school nurse: She’d be better off if she was an octopus.  Eight.. Read More