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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Shirt twins.

What is it about two kids wearing the same shirt (or even the same entire outfit) that just tickles kindergartners.  Whenever this happens, both children come running over to point out their shirt twin.  This is what I’ve started calling it – “You’re shirt twins!” and they giggle like I’ve just said something hilarious. Well this morning, Barry walked up to me with a huge grin.  I had no clue.. Read More


Oh Monday… Today I took my class on a field trip to see the play Seussical… it was an hour long play, which I thought would be just the right amount of time… I fear I was wrong. When the play was over and we were walking to the bus, a sprout asked me, “What did you think of the play?” Now I knew they weren’t too thrilled with it….. Read More


Yesterday, when Penny arrived, she didn’t walk in… she skipped in.  I noticed right away, because Penny almost always skips everywhere.  We have a rule about walking to keep us safe, but skipping isn’t really running and she isn’t going super fast, so I usually look the other way. What is it about skipping that brings bliss to those who a) do it and b) witness it?  It’s hard to.. Read More


Oh how I love getting email from readers… here’s one recently sent: Hi there! I am a first year education student and I too am planning on teaching in a younger year classroom (anywhere from k-5) and am wondering whether you found that being a male in that position has caused you some difficulty? I know there are some parents who find it, for lack of a better word, odd.. Read More


Yesterday, as I walked out of school, another teacher called out to me: “Where is your bag of work to do if we have a snow day tomorrow?” She wondered. Now, to be fair, she is a second grade teacher… I used to teach second grade and it’s hard… also, not nearly as fun as kindergarten, but then again, not much is. I should set the scene for you.  I.. Read More