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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Teaching in the Digital Age Blog Party!

This summer (well, starting next week) I’ll be participating in another wonderful book study blog party.  This year’s book looks very interesting and thought provoking.  We’ll be reading and discussing Teaching in the Digital Age by Brian Puerling.  As someone who tries to integrate technology into my classroom whenever possible, my interest is definitely piqued. Here’s the nitty gritty you need to know to participate: Book Title: Teaching in the.. Read More


Today at bustime, I was standing by the door with Mrs. D. waiting for the first round to be called.  Susie walked over and asked us, “Wanna see a trick?” “Sure what is it?” Mrs. D. replied. “I can touch my nose with my tongue!” She cheered. “Let’s see,” I prodded her.  This was going to be some trick. With that, Susie stuck her tongue out, reached up with her.. Read More


It’s always hard coming back after a long weekend.  I’m not complaining about the extra day off, it’s more the kids – they’re usually tired from lots of family activities and there are usually lots of sick tummies wanting to be home. As I stood near the door today and the tired bunnies walked in, I tried my best to rouse them from their slumber. “Good Morning!” I greeted each of them… Read More


Here’s the thing… no matter how old I get, I’m still a kid at heart. Yesterday, my co-workers and sprouts made my birthday at school brilliant.  Here’s why: When I arrived, both Mrs. D. and Ms. R. had bags of gifts for me. Seriously, bags full.  I don’t need gifts on my birthday, but who doesn’t love them? With my back turned to the class (I was at my computer.. Read More


I am feeling so thankful for some of the friends I’ve made at school.  They are some of the most amazingly powerful, strong, confident, and caring, I mean LOVING ladies in the world.  That’s it.  You know who you are and I’m truly grateful to have your support and friendship.  🙂


Meet them where they are.  That’s always been one of my driving philosophies when working with children.  If they love Star Wars – use it. As is usually the case, this year I have a group of boys that are simply crazy about Legos. A few months ago, I had an idea… yes, it happens from time to time.  We have tons of the larger Legos.  I took two tubs.. Read More


Today when I got home from school, I found this in my pocket: Now I have no clue how this got into my pocket.  I’m quite sure I didn’t put it in there.  I didn’t feel anyone fishing around my pockets.  My keys and Chapstick were intact.  I can only guess at who may have put it there… or why. Perhaps it was a particularly fetching Lego creation they wanted me to see. Thing.. Read More


No, not the kind you smoked in college (unless like a certain president, you didn’t inhale), I’m talking about Dandelions.  Ask anyone with a lawn and they’ll tell you, these weeks keep us on our toes.  With various chemicals and treatments, or for the green among us, just yanking them out feverishly, we try and try, often in vain, to rid our green lawns of these pests. I’ve mentioned this.. Read More


Yesterday we took our field trip to the beach.  Wow – as if on cue, after a cool and rainy week, the sun came out and warmed us to the point of leaving our jackets and sweatshirts in our backbacks. On the bus ride I sat with Billy.  Never one to shy away from difficult questions, he looked up at me, smiled and asked, “How old are you?” “How old.. Read More


As we wind down our Ocean Unit, we’ve been looking at a lot shells… a lot. Every sprout is bringing in shells to share, some more interesting than others, but all precious to their owner.  We’ve been using our new Luna to examine the shells.  I have to say, using the Luna document camera to magnify the shells onto the Smart Board so we can all see every crack and.. Read More