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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


I’ve written about David’s infatuation with food before.  The kids just loves to eat.  When he’s not eating, he’s usually talking about food he’s eaten, will eat, or wants to eat. Today at snack time, David had a banana.  As I walked around his table, he was just finishing. “You know what would be a good invention Mr. ______?” He asked me. “No what?” I replied. “Someone should invent a.. Read More


This morning I was out for a meeting.  Yawn.  After lunch, I came back to hugs, hugs, and Billy telling me, “Gosh, you’re handsome. Then I was showered with kindergarten gifts.  I received three stickers and a bracelet. The stickers were given to me by two girls and a boy.  They were place right on the pocket of my shirt in this order: Now, I’m pretty sure I did a ‘Good Job!’.. Read More


On this Mother’s Day, I thought I’d write about the word – ‘Mom’ and what it means. The dictionary defines the word simply as: Noun 1. mom – informal term for a mother – a woman who has given birth to a child. Clearly, all moms haven’t given birth to their own children, but what about, well what about me? I am called ‘mom’ or ‘mommy’ by at least one.. Read More


Yesterday, Darrin came in wearing a new shirt.  As he often does with new t-shirts, he came up to me and announced what was written on it. “My shirt says ‘King of the Castle’!” He beamed. “Hmmmm – what castle are you the king of?” I asked. I wasn’t sure where he was going to go with this, but without missing a beat, he answered. “At my house, we have.. Read More


Our school has a tetracycle program.  Kids can bring in old wrappers from certain foods and we recycle them.  I think we get money for it, but I haven’t a clue how it all words.  All I know is a few kids bring in random trash and I have to put it in a bucket in the Teacher’s Room. Well today, someone brought in a giant M&M bag.  I mean.. Read More


This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at my school.  Oh yes, we don’t just get a day, but an entire week of love.  Today, there was food for us all day long.  Breakfast, snacks, lunch, and to top it all off, cake and ice cream.  Cake and ice cream.  Together.  It was heaven. After I got my plate of food, I headed into the Teacher’s Room.  Now at my school,.. Read More


No, I haven’t resorted to putting collars on my students.  Today after Art, kids came in handing me this and that.  They often give me pictures, notes, and crafts from Art, but today, Randy handed me a thin black strip of paper taped together.  There was no ‘art’ on it, so I had to do a little investigating. “Randy, how awesome!  What is it?” I asked. “It’s a collar!” He.. Read More


Yesterday morning we had to walk over to the high school to rehearse for our Kindergarten Concert.  Seriously, does it get any holier than the annual Spring Kindergarten Concert?  Sprouts all decked out in dresses and shirts and ties – does it get any more precious?  But I digress… In the morning, as we were leaving the high school, I stood in the back with a group of friends.  They.. Read More


This morning, Alex, a friend from last year, came bounding in with a book in a plastic bag.  He walked up to me, pulled out the book, and began reading. Without saying hello, or anything else. Alex was definitely a struggling learner.  His biggest hurdle was always his confidence and anxiety.  He’d never been to preschool or really around other kids much. School was a big adjustment for him and.. Read More


Today was a good day.  First of all, my pants did not rip.  To be clear, I was a little paranoid and found myself checking my backside a few times to make sure everything was intact.  And it was… all day long – so I was thankful for non-ripped pants. The other event that I kept reflecting on all day was something that happened early this morning with Henry. I.. Read More