Look at my happy rainbow!

My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

The Giving Tree.

Well I’m mostly done.  I jetted in this morning for a couple of hours to do some last minute setup tasks and came to the conclusion that I will truly never be ‘done’ so I came home and decided to try and enjoy the long weekend before we hit the ground running next week. One of the last things I put up today was my ‘Giving Tree’.  I’ve always been.. Read More

My favorites.

As I setup my new room, two new items I’ve found on Pinterest have become my favorite new ‘things’ in my room. First, my door.  When I saw this online (you can get the file from Teacher’s Pet – I’m not sure the link is still working) I knew I had to have this for my new door.  Most of my new sprouts won’t be able to read it, but I’m.. Read More


Setting up my classroom is never simple.  Packing up the entire contents of my old classroom, moving it, and then unpacking it, oh, and then setting up my new classroom in a new school is just, well downright overwhelming. Luckily, with a little help from my friends (thank you Karen, Jamie, and Dave) I’m on the right track.  As I stand in the middle of the room, looking around, looking.. Read More

The glowing bear.

Last night I attended a farewell get together with a slew of friends from my old school.  There was lots of laughter and a few tears, but mostly my cheeks just hurt from all the smiling.  One of the highlights was a gift from my dear friend, Emily.  The glowing bear. Emily’s first year at my school was my second year teaching.  She was coming from another district and while.. Read More

It’s all good.

Well, I still can’t get into my room to setup – that’s the bad news.  The good news is I’ve decided to be like my hero, Pete the Cat.  Nothing is going to rile me up or induce panic.  I will let this all roll of my back and say, in Pete’s immortal words, “It’s all good.” I was able to finally peek at my new sprouts’ folders.  Along with the screening.. Read More

Why I love it.

As I prepare to start my new job so many emotions are swirling.  While I’m so excited about my new school (really the folks there have been so amazingly welcoming), it’s bittersweet because I’ll be leaving some very dear friends. One of my closest, dearest, friends, Ms. R., gave me a bag of goodies for my new classroom.  In it was the following: One bag of Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate.. Read More


As some of you may know, I have some big changes up ahead.  I’ve taken a new teaching position closer to my home.  I’m still teaching kindergarten – really, I can’t imagine teaching anything else.  There are other reasons for this change, but in the interest of keeping positive, let’s just say it was to be closer to home and leave it at that. My new school is also much.. Read More

I See I Learn Giveaway… FOUR!

As we get ready to head back to our sprouts, I am happy to announce two new additions in Stuart J. Murphy’s I See I Learn series of books.  These books have become a staple of my ‘Social Skills’ library and these two new stories will only increase the impact of the series. Even better (yes, it gets better), Stuart has some amazing FREE resources on his website you can.. Read More