Look at my happy rainbow!

My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


There is something so charming about witnessing a child learning to snap (or wink for that matter).  Last weekend, somebody taught Frank how to snap.  Well, being the crafty fellow he is, he figured out to snap with both hands simultaneously.  Try to picture it in your head – Frank snapping both hands as they they circle around each other and he makes this face, like he’s concentrating so hard,.. Read More


As I settle into the third week at my new school (Monday will be day 13 to be exact), I’m just overwhelmed at the level of affection and closeness my new sprouts are showering on me.  I’m just amazed at how quickly my new friends are acclimating and viewing school, our classroom, and even perhaps me, as a refuge. Hugs always come in kindergarten, usually one or two kids the.. Read More


Today we started our first PBL (Project Based Learning) on butterfly life cycles.  To prepare, I went in over the weekend and blew up my life cycle inflatables.  I have an egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly.  I placed one above each table… problem is, I have five tables, not four.  So the fifth table had nothing. After I came home, I kept thinking about the poor fifth table with nada.  I wanted.. Read More


One of the things I love most about teaching kindergarten is the spontaneous nature of five-year-olds… and, well, me.  My brain works at a speed so fast, sometimes thoughts pass me by without ever truly garnering the attention they deserve.  Every once in awhile, one pops out of my mouth – and is a good one.  This week, I created a new positive behavior motivator… The DJ. I love using.. Read More


One of the aspects of my new small school I just adore is the amazing amount of freedom with scheduling and space – it allows for real teachable moments that are engaging and organic. Last week, knowing we were going to be starting our Butterfly Life Cycle Unit soon, I wanted to introduce my class to the school garden – specifically the milkweed.  I didn’t have to schedule or arrange.. Read More


Well, two full days with my new sprouts and I’m more certain than ever I was born to teach kindergarten.  Maybe that sounds silly, but it’s just how I feel.  These kids come in, so eager and excited about school and look to me for every cue.  Me.  Who the heck am I to take on such a responsibility? I must confess, during our Open House (two hours when they.. Read More