Look at my happy rainbow!

My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


A few weeks ago, I attended an afternoon of professional development with some teachers from my school.  It was lead by our amazing literacy leader and all about flexible grouping.  Like most, I thought flexible grouping was all about putting the low kids in a group, the high kids in a group, etc.  Boy, was I wrong. After learning some amazingly varied ways to group kids I decided to try.. Read More


Yesterday was a day.  Before a single child arrived, I felt defeated, deflated, and discouraged.  Without going into details (I don’t want to seem unprofessional), I just felt as if the chips were stacked against me. It was a long day.  Everything that could possibly go wrong seemed to happen.  By lunch, I was too exhausted to eat.  That never happens to me.  I had some popcorn as I tried.. Read More

Velcro boy.

It happens almost every year about this time.  Some little guy (it’s usually a boy, I’m not sure why) decides that a hug now and then just isn’t enough and he proceeds to attach himself to me as close and often as he can.  I call him my ‘Velcro boy’ because he is stuck to my side just about all the time. This year it’s Brian.  He’s never as happy.. Read More


Oh yes, it happens everyday.  My sprouts manipulate and often mangle the English language.  It’s part of the developmental process of learning – I get it, but it’s also extremely adorable. Today, as I was assessing letters and sounds one on one, Joey came over and interrupted.  Now they know they aren’t supposed to bother me while I’m working one on one, but there was something super important he just.. Read More

/A/, /A/, Awesome!

Oh Eric – he always makes me smile and laugh everyday.  This afternoon, while assessing him on letter sounds, when I showed him the ‘A’, I was expecting him to say, ‘/A/, /A/, Apple’ as that’s the picture on the chart we use. Instead, when he saw the ‘A’, without missing a beat, he blurted out, ‘/A/, /A/, AWESOME!’ Then he smirked and started to laugh, knowing that wasn’t quite.. Read More

Clean as a whistle!

As many of you know – my poor site has come under attack lately by something called ‘malware’.  I had no idea what this was and I’m still not entirely sure, but it meant my site wasn’t ‘safe’ or ‘clean’ and you could possibly get an infection from it… well not you, but your computer. As luck would have it, I have a friend who does this sort of thing.. Read More


Each morning, my entire school eats breakfast together.  Each classroom sits together and dines.  It’s something my principal spearheaded last year (before my arrival) to curb absenteeism.  After just one year of offering free breakfast to every child, it worked.  Not only were absences significantly down, but visits to the nurse were too. Kids weren’t hungry and parents had one less item to worry about in the morning. Before my sprouts.. Read More


Yesterday, in the dewy haze of late morning, I took my sprouts outside to do some illustrating.  We’re studying trees and have been talking a lot about roots, trunks, branches, and leaves.  With a few days of study under our belts, I thought it would be a good time to do some sketching of real trees. Before heading out, sitting on the carpet, I modeled how an artist would sit,.. Read More

Blame game.

Yesterday, a reader posted the following on my facebook page: This is my first year to teach kinder (I am also a male, and proud to be a male kindergarten teacher). I am at school 10-12 hours a day. On the 10 hour days, I work a couple of more hours at home. On the 12 hour days, I’m too exhausted to work by the time I get home. But.. Read More

Popcorn angel.

My new school’s PTA does Popcorn Fridays to raise money. Kids bring in 25 cents and get a bag of popcorn for snack. Now I have lots of kids in my room that I knew, for whatever reason, wouldn’t be able to bring in a quarter.  A little guy came up to me and said, “Mr. _______, today is popcorn day! But I don’t have a quarter.” His face visibly.. Read More