Look at my happy rainbow!

My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


Well, Christmas is over and so the barrage of year end ‘best of’ lists’ has begun.  It would be easy, and maybe even a little fun, for me to reminisce about the last year, after all, I did have some rather major changes, but instead, I’m going to try and look forward. In January, we’ll be starting a new PBL called Peace Week.  Over three weeks we’ll learn about Dr. King and.. Read More


I saw this online and it just made me smile.  Maybe because we started our year studying butterflies, but more likely because even before the year ends, I’m starting to see some of my sprouts truly transform. I’m working on a post about the new year for the next day or so.  I hope you’ll come back to share your ideas.

Holiday Gifts.

This holiday season, as I often do, I received many gifts from my sprouts. Apparently, in their little eyes, I love nothing more than Dunkin’ Donuts and scented candles.  Lucky for me, the real gifts are priceless. The gift of children who come in each day with a smile, offer a hug, and are genuinely ready to learn. The gift of a small school where meaningful relationships are built and maintained pre-K through fifth.. Read More


Isn’t it awesome how adults sometimes hem and haw and worry over something and then the children just know how to handle it and, quite literally, show us the way.  This morning after our staff meeting I was really wondering what the morning would bring. Would there be questions? Would there be fear? I didn’t know what might come through the door. It’s always good to be prepared, and we.. Read More

More love.

Like many teachers around the world, last night, I did not sleep well.  Tossing and turning all night, thinking about those kindergarteners, probably much like the ones in my own classroom, I woke up many times with different thoughts. First, I remembered reading about one teacher’s recount of her horrifying moments and how, above all else, she wanted her students to know they were loved. A first grade teacher who.. Read More


Today, as the afternoon started to wind down, Ms. C., my dear ed tech and friend came in with a look on her face that I knew wasn’t good.  Clearly something was wrong.  My students were reading with their third grade buddies as she handed me her phone with the headline of today’s tragedy. As I read the details of the horror that took place in that kindergarten classroom, probably.. Read More


Oh kindergartners.  They’re innocence is never lost on me.  Today, as I was finishing up some assessments for report cards, I heard, not one, not two, but three friends say the same curse word.  Let me explain. I was doing a blending assessment.  I give the sprout the word, separated into individual sounds and they listen and then blend the word for me.  If I said, /C/, /A/, /T/, they would (hopefully).. Read More

The Season.

I just realized I haven’t made a single post all week.  Surely it isn’t because nothing hilarious, devastating, or poignant happened at school all week.  More likely, it’s just the season.  There seems to be more going on and less time to get things done as the year hurls towards it’s end. Report cards need to be finished.  Gingerbread books need to be read.  Hugs need to be given.  Treats need.. Read More


Let me start by saying, above all else, I am not Pollyanna.  I do try to look at the glass as half full (depending on what’s in my glass) and I do smile… a lot, but I guess generally, I am just a happy guy.  I don’t apologize for that – it’s just who I am. Today was a test for my positive energy.  About two minutes before my class arrived,.. Read More

Ten in the bed.

This week, I was fortunate enough to have a visit from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Coordinator for my district.  She is leading a book group I’m partaking in on the book Number Talks and volunteered to come in and demonstrate with my class. It’s always eye opening for me to sit with my class as opposed to in front of them.  If you can get someone else.. Read More