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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist


I’ve written about my school’s breakfast program before.  Well last week, on Thursday, the two wonderful lunch ladies invited my class down to the cafeteria for breakfast on Friday.  Turns out, the entire K-2 was invited (in my small school, that’s only six classes and about 100 kids).  Well sure enough, on Friday we had french toast, eggs, sausage, oatmeal with rasins and brown sugar, milk and juice family style.. Read More


Here’s a quickie for you. Today at bus time as all the kids were in the hallway getting ready, I walked out to check on my friends.  I turned towards the kindergarten classroom next door and spotted Mrs. C. – my new kindergarten teaching partner, with something in her mouth.  Somehow, don’t ask me how, I knew it was something good. Walking towards her I whispered, “What are you eating?”.. Read More

Free Hugs

I have a ‘Free Hugs’ t-shirt and wore it to school a few weeks ago.  I didn’t think much of it.  My class loved it and over this last week, a few of them have been asking me to wear it again.  Yesterday, one little boy came out and just said, “Mr. ______, please wear the ‘free hugs’ shirt!” So today, I wore it. This morning, as they unwrapped themselves from winter.. Read More


Today we read Martin’s Big Words.  We then watched a short video of Michael Clarke Duncan reading the book.  My kids were enamored with the images and words from some of Martin Luther King’s biggest speeches and ideas.  What stuck out to them the most?  The violence. When we finished with the story, I asked if anyone had any questions. “How did somebody throw a bomb at his house and.. Read More

Ms. C.

From time to time, I’ve written about Ms. C. – the amazing Ray of Sunshine (Ed Tech) who peppers herself into my room from time to time, but I’ve never really given her the starring role in a post she deserves. When I first met Ms. C. last summer on the first day of school, she didn’t make the best impression on me.  Her first words to me were something.. Read More

Martin Luther, Baby!

Today we made our Martin Luther King models.  They are so hard, but also so much fun.  I show the kids a finished model and then quickly free cut from construction paper to show them how to make the shapes needed for his face.  I then projected a super size photo onto the SmartBoard for them to look at while they worked. I’m lucky I had a helper from third.. Read More


Yesterday we kicked off our next PBL (Project Based Learning) Project – ‘Peace Week!’  We’re going to study the life of Dr. King and learn why his work was so important to our world and lives today.  Once we learn about his work, we’ll take that knowledge and design a ‘Peace Week’ for our school. Today I read the amazing My First Biography: Marting Luther King, Jr. and before I could even.. Read More

Guess What?

I am pretty sure my school’s cafeteria doesn’t serve coffee… or Red Bull, and I’m pretty sure the ravioli wasn’t spiked, but you’d never know it after hearing Joey talk to me during Center Time. Of course he was interrupting my conversation with another child. Of course he spoke faster than one of those supersonic trains in Japan. Of course he is still learning about personal space and his face.. Read More


This year I have two little African-American girls who, sadly, I already see struggling with their hair.  Society, and I fear, even family, are telling them ‘straight hair is beautiful, nappy hair is not.’ I tell them both everyday how much I love their hair – ‘It’s curly, like mine!’ It really saddens me to see any little girl, or boy for that matter, feel badly about the way they.. Read More

4 miles and video games.

Two random items from my day.  I thought about writing two posts, but decided to give you a two-fer. For Christmas, Santa brought me this cool little bracelet called an UP.  You wear it twenty-four hours a day and it tracks how much you move and sleep.  While I do exercise, today wasn’t a day I worked out.  When I got home and synced the UP, I found out I.. Read More