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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Preschool – part two

I’m going to try and approach this the same way I do in my classroom.  As I tell my kids, “I’m not perfect.  Even teachers make mistakes.” At times, I feel like nobody reads my ‘little blog’, but apparently, I was wrong!  I do wish folks would comment on the cute stories, you know the ones where I make a child smile or get a sweet note or hug, but.. Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know, I know, some folks don’t love Valentine’s Day.  For me, in kindergarten anyway, Valentine’s isn’t about romantic love, but all about being a kind and caring friend.  That’s how I present it and they really do love each other and want to show it. We had a hectic, but fun filled day.  I made heart shaped waffles, we sang our Valentine’s Day song a few times and then.. Read More

100th Day!

Well, it really doesn’t get much better than the 100th day in kindergarten. It’s kind of like Christmas, Valentine’s Day (coming Thursday!), and the Fourth of July wrapped into one.  Well, it is in my class anyway.   I used an entire bottle of glitter to make this for the doorway: We sang our hearts out.  We sang the 100th Day song by Jack Hartman and while we didn’t sing.. Read More

Learn the song, learn the skill.

Every once in awhile, I find something smart coming out of my mouth. Never sure if I’ve heard it somewhere before or if it’s truly original, I am often hesitant to share for fear of stealing someone else’s great idea.  Well, I am pretty sure I did coin this one – ‘Learn the song, learn the skill.’ It’s rather simple and that’s why I say it to my class all.. Read More


Men.  We are an anomaly in education, I get it.  The lower the grade, the rarer we are, but many of us have found places where we are cherished, even celebrated.  Recently, on the blog’s Facebook page (really, the community is there), another male in early childhood education posted the following: How I wish I found a place where male co-workers are treated as equally as their female co-workers… Well, naturally this.. Read More


At bus time (seriously, the best stuff happens at bus time), I was talking with a boy about his plans for Spring Break.  He’s going to Mexico to see some family and we were talking about how he’ll get there (according to him, a plane, a bus, and then a boat).  Well Ernie, always full of hilarity, chimed in with, “Mr. _____, I’ve been to America!” Well who am I.. Read More

ESGI… better and better.

From time to time folks contact me to review things (books, products, etc.) on the blog.  Depending on the item, I may or may not take the bait, but recently, I reached out to a company and asked if I could review their software – something I never do. Last year, I discovered ESGI Software (Educations Software for Guiding Instruction) and I can’t speak highly enough for how it has.. Read More

One on one.

Yesterday I was able to read with almost every student in my class.  After I posted this on my Facebook page, someone asked if I would share about my reading program – of course! When I moved from second grade to kindergarten four years ago, I started out pulling reading groups, just as I had in second grade.  What I found was, unlike my second graders, kindergarteners were so easily.. Read More