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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

{sol16} Finish. #sol16

Thirty-one days of writing.  I’m not sure why it felt so daunting.  I do lots of things every day… brush my teeth, walk my dog, take a shower, eat, sleep, I always read every day, so why not writing?  Thanks to the Slice of Life challenge, I did it, I wrote for thirty-one days.  To be clear, if email, Facebook, and Twitter counted, I already did that, but not the.. Read More

{sol16} Sick. #sol16

Flu. Boo.  But I’m not going to give up on the challenge with two days left.  That’s all I’ve got today, but I wrote something.  

{sol16} Chopper. #sol16

Chopper Sometimes it comes later than you want Maybe when you were five, or six, or seven It would have made sense Whirling, spinning overhead Deafening voices and throwing anything in its path Off balance

{sol16} Monday. #sol16

  Monday.  Why does everyone hate Mondays, what did Monday ever do to you?  Oh, it ended your weekend.  It made you go to work. It caused stress, disorder and dismay.  As a kid, I always remembered Garfield the cat hated Mondays with a vengeance.  He’s a cat.  Cats don’t work.  Cats don’t have much to stress them out. What was the deal with him hating Mondays so much?  My.. Read More

{sol16} Surprise. #sol16

As a five-year-old, I was living in quite a bubble.  In the 1970’s, when I was born, parents didn’t coddle their children as much as today – at least mine didn’t.  We didn’t wear seatbelts, sat in the front of the car, had never heard of a ‘booster seat’ and played outside until the after the sunset.  It was a different time on many levels. My family was on the.. Read More

{sol16} Promenade. #sol16

Is there anything more humiliating to a fourth-grade boy than square dancing?  Last week, given a tip to the horror by a teacher I won’t incriminate, I stood just outside the cafegymatorium peeking at the impending doom. Standing in two circles, the students were listening to the gym teacher explain what was about to happen. There were diagrams and arrows and scribbles written on a white board, I think to explain.. Read More

{sol16} Eva. #sol16

In one of my school’s, my office is located in the first-grade wing.  Now don’t tell anyone, but I adore first-grade teachers.  No, I’ve never taught first-grade (only kindergarten and second grade) and maybe that’s part of the intrigue to me. The first-grade teachers in this school are quite simply, amazing ladies.  They are collaborative, supportive, and open-minded.  I’m lucky to work with them and love starting my day in.. Read More

{sol16} Beetles. #sol16

  Yesterday I joined a second grade class for Reading Workshop.  They were launching non-fiction book clubs and I was able to sit and read with a few students.  One little boy was becoming an expert on beetles.  Never a fan myself, I feigned interest while he read and learned facts about these crispy creatures. I had joined him about halfway through the book and I think he could tell,.. Read More

{sol16} Again. #sol16

This whole writing every day challenge is starting to wear on me.  Some days the muse visits and others, not so much.  Today, I’m writing about how difficult it is to write every day so you can guess whether she visited or not.  But I write, again. On the plus side, I do feel my writing is getting better, although I just used the adjective better to describe something, so.. Read More