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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

Nest. #sol16

Today, as I was playing fetch with my dog in the yard, I noticed a small nest on the almost green grass.  There are a few large trees with branches that overstretch the yard, almost as if they’re reaching for something, and I have seen the birds year after year, selecting those branches for their homes. The good news is, the nest was empty.  No baby birds, no eggs, clearly.. Read More

Growth. #sol16

  Yesterday, I had the honor of presenting at SDE’s New England Conference for Pre-K-Third Grade conference. I’ve attended in the past and one of SDE’s employees stumbled onto my blog a few years ago and we’ve been trying to make it happen ever since.  Now in my current role as a Literacy Coach, I’m afforded the opportunity to give staff development throughout the year.  The difference is, I usually.. Read More

Grease. #sol16

Is there anything better than when a student stops you in the hallway with a question? “Mr. Halpern, can I ask you a question?” A first-grade boy summoned. “Of course, you can Simon,” I said as I stopped in my tracks. “Do you know the movie Grease?” “Yes, I know the movie.” “I love that movie, do you?” “Yes, it’s a good one.” And then, I kid you not, this.. Read More