Let them make the charts!

My district uses the Teacher’s College Units of Study for both Reading and Writing.  While I’ve worked as a coach for these units for the past three years, I’ve never actually taught them day to day (I used the old Writing Units in kindergarten, but I digress…).  So teaching first grade and working with the units daily is actually new to me.  Let me get this right out of the.. Read More

Size of the Problem

As I work in 1st grade, something that continues to be an issue for students is understanding the Size of a Problem.  We all know them… kids who react to small problems in big ways.  My class has a few of these friends and really, all kids can benefit from some discrete teaching around this topic. Michelle Garcia Winner is the expert on social thinking and there are many premade.. Read More

Tell me a story.

Tell, not read.  When I read Mindset for Learning a few years ago for the first time (it’s one you’ll revisit over and over again), the one technique in the book I glossed over was the storytelling.  As a coach, with no class of my own, I didn’t know how to make it work.  Not knowing how to utilize it, I ignored it, but it always lingered in the back.. Read More