Two random items from my day.  I thought about writing two posts, but decided to give you a two-fer.

4milesFor Christmas, Santa brought me this cool little bracelet called an UP.  You wear it twenty-four hours a day and it tracks how much you move and sleep.  While I do exercise, today wasn’t a day I worked out.  When I got home and synced the UP, I found out I had traveled four miles (4.1 to be exact) just teaching.  Four miles! Just teaching kindergarten.  Granted, I’m on my feet all day and we move all the time.  When the kids are working, guess who is darting around the room like a crazy chicken?  Me!  Well, at least I don’t have to feel super guilty on my non-workout days anymore.

At dismissal, I was standing with a group of my friends, waiting for parents to pick them up when Ernie, who never ceases to make me smile, asked with the sincerest tone, “Mr. ______, the next time we have a snow day and you know, there isn’t any school – do you wanna come over to my house and play video games?”

videogame jpgThere was just something about the way he asked, it was, well so sweet.  Another teacher overheard him and just smiled at me.  Seriously, he would love nothing more than for me to come over and hang out and play video games with him.  For sure, we’d have fun.  His mom would make us cookies (she’s sent them in before) and his sister would join in too.  I know her well.  She comes down to help out and picks him up each day for their walk home.

“Oh, Ernie, I would love that,” I said.

“Let’s see, you never know,” I told him, not having the heart to tell him teachers aren’t really supposed to hang out at kids’ homes.

With that, I left knowing I’ve walked four miles and am viewed not only as teacher, but a possible video game buddy.