One of the (many) things I love about my new school is the fact that it goes to fifth grade.  The fifth grade helpers I’ve been getting in my room have just been more helpful than I could have ever imagined.  One of these boys, Tom, has a brother in my class, so he comes down two or three times a week to help and really has become an integral part of our classroom community.

Well on Monday, when we did our Run, Turkey, Run retelling, I wanted to invite Tom down to watch his brother and the other kids.  I saw him in the hallway upstairs near his class before school began and asked him to join us.

“Hey Tom, can you come down to watch our play?” I asked.

“Sure, what time?” He replied.

“It starts at 9:30.  Can you come then?  Do you know how to tell time?  When the little hand is on the nine and the big hand is on…” I rambled, but he interrupted me.

“Mr. ______, I’m in fifth grade.  I know how to tell time,” he smiled.

I was totally embarrassed.  When I saw his teacher a few minutes later and asked her if this was alright with her, I wanted to confirm, “Tom knows how to tell time right?”

She looked at me and cracked up. Right in my face she laughed!  I explained I didn’t know when kids learned to tell time and then when they mastered the skill (apparently they learn in first and second and most master it by third).

“Boy, we didn’t laugh as much before you came here,” she smirked.

I was happy to be the butt of the unintended joke.

Tom came down at 9:25.  And he used my camera to take photos. All the kids waved at him and were super happy he was there.  I was able to invite all the older siblings of my sprouts… working in a such a small school continues to provide benefits I never dreamed of.  The looks on their faces to see their older brothers and sisters was priceless…  And all of them showed up on time too.