Unless you teach in Hawaii (and maybe some of you are lucky enough that you do!), chances are, some sort of inclement weather prevents your sprouts from going outside for recess from time to time… some of us have it all – rain, wind, snow, freezing temperatures, and falling frogs from the sky. When kindergartners can’t go outside to burn off some of that energy for days on end, it can feel like the world is coming to an end.  A few months ago, a friend suggested a site on my facebook page for the blog.

Using our Smart Board, we tried out Adventure to Fitness – and wow, what an adventure it was!

This free site (it’s only for teachers and you have to register, but it’s all free) has about a dozen or so thirty minute episodes. Let’s be clear here, it’s thirty minutes of non-stop movement… as the host tells you during the introduction, you ‘Never Stop Moving!’

We chose a dinosaur adventure and I couldn’t believe how hooked my sprouts were.  They walked, ran, jumped, skipped, squatted, climbed, and surfed with the host in a prehistoric jungle as we learned all sorts of facts about different dinosaurs.  They were enamored and glued to the program, only once in awhile did I hear one mutter, “I love this game!”

Yes, they all thought it was a game and I’m not telling them otherwise.

When Sophia said, “My heart is beating really fast,” I knew we were getting somewhere.

So if you have access to a Smart Board or a computer screen large enough for your class to see, you’ve got to try out Adventure to Fitness.  It will help scare away the ‘no recess’ blues for sure.