At bus time (seriously, the best stuff happens at bus time), I was talking with a boy about his plans for Spring Break.  He’s going to Mexico to see some family and we were talking about how he’ll get there (according to him, a plane, a bus, and then a boat).  Well Ernie, always full of hilarity, chimed in with, “Mr. _____, I’ve been to America!”

Well who am I to not play along?

“Really, America?  When did you go there?” I asked.

“Yes! I went last summer and we went swimming and there was a slide, it was awesome, I really loved America!” He smiled.

“So what did you wear?” I wondered.

“Well, you have to wear a bathing suit in America and you can only go on some things if you’re so tall, there are lots of rules in America,” he explained.


I was starting to figure it out.  There is a water park in our area.  Nothing with the word ‘America’ or the ‘The United Stated’ or anything close, but somehow he’d made the leap that this place was indeed America.

With that, we began to walk out.  I smiled at Ernie and he just looked back and blurted out, “If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get to visit America again soon!”

Something tells me you will Ernie.  He’s just a really lucky kid.