Well I’m on vacation with a fellow kindergarten teacher and dear friend and had an amazing experience today. We took a whale watching boat out to see what the big mammals were up to. Now I’ve been on these tours before. Usually you’re lucky to see a whale in the distance or perhaps the tail come out of the water. Today was something special.

We first came upon two adult males, with their bodies half out of the water, each one flapping their enormous fin at the other. Now why they were doing this, the naturalist on board had no clue. They looked to be playing with each other, taunting, teasing, and just having a little fun. When we thought the best was over, they took turns breaching. One after another, thrusting their huge bodies entirely out of the water for us to admire. Awesome is an overused word, but this was truly awesome.

As soon as we left these two, we came upon another pair. These two were busy eating. In unison, they came up, out of the water with their mouths gaping open for us to witness. If you’ve never peered into the mouth of a whale, it’s truly something to behold.

Our whale adventure made me think of the sprouts waiting for me in a few weeks. We got our class lists and those unknown names will soon be playing and growing before my eyes. Not quite as massive, but equally awesome. I’m grateful for my experience with the whales today. They reminded me a little of what awaits.