Well there isn’t much you can say about the energy babies bring to a classroom.  Today we were lucky enough to have not one, but two babies visit.  Both of our Reading Buddies’ teachers came in to visit with their new deliveries.

First, the baby boy.  I spotted him and his mother in the hallway chatting with staff and slyly stole him away from his mother and carried him back to our classroom. You might have though Mickey Mouse himself had entered the room, but no, it was just me carrying a one month old infant.

In the middle of centers, every sprout stopped what they were doing and huddled around me to meet my new friend.

I explained who this was (not my baby!) and then, as if on cue, baby boy began crying.

“Whenever I cry, my daddy sings to me… maybe we should all sing to the baby,” Mary suggested.

I knew a chorus of kindergartners would not help the situation.  With his mother nowhere in sight, I passed him off to Mrs. D. like a football.  Within seconds, she was sitting in her rocking chair, rocking him to sleep.  By the time his mother arrived to fetch her baby, he was in dreamland.

Just as everything settled, baby girl arrived with her mom.  Another huddle of friends came to meet her and our classroom began to resemble a nursery. And really, those babies are way more fun than anything in the kitchen or dollhouse.