Today as I walked my friends to P.E. we happened upon Mrs. F., our third grade Reading Buddies teacher.  She’s expecting and due in just a few weeks.

Will, the line leader, looked up at her and asked, “That baby is still in her belly isn’t it?”

“Yup, still in there,” I replied.

“You know, that baby started out as a tiny tadpole and then grew and grew and now it’s a big baby ready to come out…” he rambled.

This got him thinking.

“How will the baby get out?” He wondered as he looked up at me.

Now babies come up from time to time in kindergarten… kids have baby brothers and sisters and we have a LOT of pregnant teachers.  Most kids know the baby grows inside the woman’s belly, but that’s usually where it ends. The question of how the baby arrives into this world usually doesn’t come up… usually.

“Well, Mrs. F. is a third grade teacher… maybe when you’re in third grade you can ask her,” I said.

That answer satisfied him and I was pleased I thought so quickly on my feet.

This reminded me of a little girl from my very first year when I taught second grade.  Again, we had a teacher announce she was expecting.  As I walked my friends to the bus, the little girl summoned me to bend down so she could tell me something.

“Mr. _______, I know how the baby got in and I know how it’s gonna get out,” she whispered.

For one of the few times in my teaching career, I was rendered speechless.