Well, I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve cleaned out the antique armoire in my house.  It was a gift from my mother too many years ago to remember.  It’s really old – I think it’s from the Civil War era.  It’s held together with pegs and fits together like a puzzle.  In any event, I pretty much use it as a giant junk drawer, constantly shoving things in and shutting the door.  Hey, the rest of my house is neat, just don’t open that armoire!

In cleaning it out (for now), I came upon a few items to giveaway.  They say one man’s trash is another’s treasure and these are NEW and UNUSED items!

First, I have a signed copy of the lovely and amazing (really she is) Angela Watson’s Awakened.  This was NOT in my junk drawer/armoire, but sent to me by Angela herself to read, review, and giveaway.  This book is basically a Self Help book for teachers.  Angela walks you through issues common to teachers like stress, conflict, and getting down on yourself.  I enjoyed reading it and I can say, heading back to school, this is one book both new and veteran teachers would find beneficial.


Next up, I have a box of Bob’s Books Sight Words for Kindergarten.  I have this in my classroom and I think I was sent an extra box to giveaway and forgot about… oops!  Hey, my male forgetfulness can be charming… just ask Mrs. D. about all the times I say, “Oh, I’ll just put this important item down here for a minute until we need it.”  Cut to her asking me where said important item is and me looking sheepish.  Really, the woman is a saint to put up with me.  ANYWAY, here you have it – a complete box of kindergarten sight word books from Bob’s Books.  There are ten books and thirty flash cards in the box.

Last, but certainly not least, I have a puppet to giveaway!  What’s that you say, only a crazy man would give away a puppet!  Well, I’ve been told I’ve got enough puppets and I’m trying to do the nice thing and share some of the wealth.  This is a brand new, still in the bag, Scardey Squirrel puppet.  He’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

Finally, Debbie Clement is graciously offerring a signed copy of her new book Red, White, and Blue to one reader.  See my post about 9/11 for more information on the book.

SO, there you have it.  FOUR prizes.  FOUR winners.  I will use a good ol’ random number website to pick three winners.

  • Winner one will receive the book.  
  • Winner two will receive the sight word box.  
  • Winner three will receive the puppet.
  • Winner four will receive a signed copy of Debbie Clement’s Red, White, and Blue.

My lawyer tells me it’s limited to my friends in the U.S. only (seriously, I don’t have a lawyer, but I do have some lawyer friends…)  You don’t have to like me on Facebook, follow me, or leave a comment or anything (although I love when you do those things!).

Click HERE to enter.

You can enter once a day from now until Wednesday, August 16th.  Winners will be announced on Thursday, August 17th.  Good luck!