Of course coming back after a week out is always tough.  When I have a sprout tell me, “I love school, I love you, I missed you” – well that makes it all a little better.

Today, I had to wonder if vacations are meant to make us realize how much we love our jobs… I know that sounds crazy, but as wonderful as vacation can be (and oh it was), something about walking your class down the hall and having that kid, you know the one, the kid that seems like he always makes the wrong choice, reach up, grab your hand, and then smile up at you reminds me that work, at least my work, is important, special, and above all else, loving.

At the end of the day, when it was time to leave, I whispered, “It’s time for us to pack up and get ready to go home.”

I kid you not, there was a chorus of audible groans.  Yes, groans about going home.  With students who love school that much, how could I not be glad to be back?