This week we’re moving into learning about hibernation… while many animals hibernate, we’re focusing on bears because they’re so interesting.  One of my favorite winter books is Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson.  Even children who have heard this story before love hearing it again… they help me read the ‘… Bear snores on’ part over and over.

After reading it, we talked about hibernation and how the book must be fiction because a real bear would probably attack all the animals.  With that, we moved on to Centers and I pulled kids to read with…

At the end of the day, outside for our final recess, I noticed some children huddled near something in the snow… as I walked over I saw this:

“What’s going on?” I asked the crew.

“This is a cave, and we’re pretending to be Bear and hibernating,” Sally smiled.

Indeed, someone (or a group of kids) had fashioned a rather large cave like structure in the snow.  They were taking turns cramming themselves into the hole and pretending to be Bear.  Awesome.

I stood there and listened to them renact some of the parts of the story and every once in awhile I would comment with, “Oh look at little (name of sprout) Bear!” – which they thought was hilarious.

I do love my little bears.