Today, after reading No More Yawning, a story about a little girl who refuses to goto bed, we all shared some of our bedtime rituals for falling asleep.  Here’s some of what was shared:

  • “I just close my eyes and fall asleep!”
  • “My body just goes to sleep.”
  • “I get a drink and then I can fall asleep.”
  • “I count sheep.”
  • “I think of a story and that helps me fall asleep.”
  • “I snuggle my Plaidypus.”
  • “I watch TV until I fall asleep.”
  • I play video games and then fall asleep.”

Ok, you play video games?  That was actually shared by a few boys and I was in shock.  A few of them might have been copycats, but the original boy, and I suspect at least one other, weren’t fibbing.  How in the world is playing video games going to help you fall asleep?  How can you relax while trying to shoot, dodge, or kill something?

We talked about good bedtime rituals and discussed why playing video games before bed might night be the best idea.  I’m hopeful there will be no more video games in bed.