Well, I worried about the rain.  I checked the weather online, watched every local news forecast, and basically became obsessed with the possibility of rain.  I woke up around 4:30 this morning to the sound of rain pouring on my roof.  Ugh.

I drove into work dreading the day.  It was coming down hard and it wasn’t looking good.  When I got to school we found out the farm was open and were expecting us.  So we went.

It rained the entire bus ride there.  We departed the bus and headed under a large tent to learn about the lifecycle of pumpkins and corn.  As we finished and ate our snack, a funny thing happened… Mother Nature decided to smile.  The rain stopped just as we boarded the tractor pulled wagon to take our hayride to the pumpkin patch.

Each sprout picked a pumpkin (I had to encourage smaller ones since they had to carry them back to the tent, bus, school, and on the bus home).  The farm had amazing attractions like a giant ‘Franken-Slide’ and petting barn.

If the rain stopping wasn’t enough, the little machine that dispersed feed for the animals for a quarter was broken… the feed was free!  We spent a good amount of time petting and feeding turkeys, pigs, sheep, cows, rabbits, and lambs.  This was my favorite little buddy… he shook his entire behind when I pet him.  I kept going back to chat with him and offer a few more pets.

We ended our day with lunch and then more playing.  Want a group of kids to go nuts?  Let them jump from hay bale to hay bale screaming.  FUN! There was an old boat, police car, and fire truck on the property for the children to sit in… this was more fun than you can imagine.  They all lined up and I lifted them in and out of the fire truck and the took turns pretending to ‘drive’ – awesome.

We had some amazing parents chaperone and I couldn’t help but feel lucky to have such wonderful support.  As we boarded the bus to return to school, I shouted to the silent group, “Best. Field. Trip. Ever.”  And it was.